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A Complete Guide to Reach Mehandipur Balaji Mandir

The Mehandipur Balaji Temple is a Hindu temple situated in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. There is a temple to Shree Siyaram Bhagavan in front of the Balaji Mandir. Inside is a stunning idol of Siyaram. 

It is believed that if a person suffering from evil spirits visits this temple, they will get relief from their trouble. Devotees offer bhog of Bundi ke laddu to Lord Balaji and urad pulse and rice to Bhairav Baba, who helps them get rid of evil spirits.

The temple experiences a lot of crowds on Saturdays and Tuesdays, which are said to be the days of Lord Hanuman, and many devotees visit the temple to offer their prayers to the deity. 

Apart from organizing various rituals, the temple also helps the deprived by distributing food among them and is also engaged in various other charitable works.

The temple is also recognized for healing multiple physical diseases and providing pain relief. The believers have great faith in Lord Hanuman’s supernatural powers, and their trust has been proven true in several situations.

How to Reach Mehandipur Balaji

Mehandipur is easily accessible by road transport. It is located in Rajasthan, which has plenty of airports, including international airports such as Jaipur Airport. RSRTC also has several buses available. Several local buses are available for travel inside cities.

By Air

Jaipur International Airport is the nearest airport to Mehandipur. It is 110 km away from Balaji Temple by road. Many buses and private cabs or taxis are also available for this route. As Jaipur is an international airport, it is well connected with several cities in India and also across the country. 

Distance from Jaipur AirportDistance
Jaipur Airport to Jaipur Railway Station12.6 km
Jaipur Airport to Jaipur Bus Station14.3 km
Jaipur Airport to Jaipur City Centre13 km

You can also consider other airports, such as Jodhpur Airport, Udaipur Airport, Kota Airport and Ajmer Airport. All are well-connected to major cities and towns in the country.

All public and private transportation is easily accessible from all cities. If you’re looking for low-cost buses, then RSRTC provides several. 

Jaipur Airport110 km
Jodhpur Airport459 km
Udaipur Airport514 km
Kota Airport315 km
Ajmer Airport236 km

You can also choose to train from the airport; many trains and bus services are available from all airports.

By Train

Mehandipur does not have any direct rail network; therefore, you need to take a train to Bandikui train station, which is the nearest railway station from Mehandipur. It is situated 34.2 km from Balaji Temple.

Bandikui Railway Station has six platforms, and a parking facility is also available there, so you can park your private vehicle over there. This railway line is well connected with other major cities. From the railway station, all the private and local vehicles are easily accessible to Balaji Temple. 

You can also go via different railway stations in Rajasthan, like Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner, Alwar, Kota and Sawai Madhopur etc. 

Railway StationDistance
Bandikui Railway Station34.2 km
Jaipur Railway Station108 km
Udaipur Railway Station488 km
Ajmer Railway Station259 km
Bikaner Railway Station450 km
Alwar Railway Station101 km
Kota Railway Station315 km
Sawai Madhopur Railway Station132 km

Also, don’t forget to check out Mehandipur Balaji Temple Timings

Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji Temple 

For devotees seeking spiritual relief, the trip from Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji is popular. The journey from Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji gives a unique chance to explore India’s rich history of culture and witness the devotion of many tourists who visit the temple in search of divine help. Balaji Temple is approximately 235 kilometers away.

Many trains and bus services leave from Delhi in a gap of 1 or 2 hours. You can travel to Bandikui by train or take a bus to Mehandipur. All bus services stop about 2 km away from Mehandipur. You may simply take a private cab, auto, or taxi to Balaji Temple from there. 

Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji by Bus

Delhi to Mehandipur bus journey usually takes 5 to 6 hours, which is approximately 250 km. Buses leave Delhi mostly from two stations: Kashmiri Gate and Dhaula Kuan. All the buses drop you off at Mehandipur Balaji Mandir.

Bus Station in DelhiDeparture TimeDestinationArrival Time
Kashmiri Gate No.1 Metro Station21:30Mehandipur Balaji
Kashmiri Gate19:00Mehandipur Balaji03:00
Dhaula Kuan18:00Mehandipur Balaji22:30
Dhaula Kuan19:30Mehandipur Balaji00:30

 Delhi to Mehandipur Balaji Temple by Train

Mehandipur does not have any direct train network. You have to take a train to Bandikui Junction, which is connected to many cities and has some direct and indirect trains.

From Delhi to Bandikui 7 to 8 trains are available daily. Here, all timings are mentioned still it is required to check the latest timing of the train which is easily available on

Train NameStation NameDeparture TimeStation NameArrival Time
JAT AII ExpDelhi Cantt04:43Bandikui JN07:58
Ranikhet ExpDelhi S Rohilla04:44Bandikui JN07:58
Train NameDelhi S Rohilla04:44Bandikui JN08:30
Corbet PRKDelhi Cantt05:03Bandikui JN08:30
Ashram ExpDelhi Cantt15:48Bandikui JN18:48
Yoga ExpDelhi Cantt22:53Bandikui JN02:01
Ajmer ShatabdiDelhi Cantt06:38Bandikui JN09:19

Delhi to Bandikui Train Timetable

Delhi to Bandikui Train Time table

From Bandikui Railway Station, take a private cab or taxi to Balaji Mandir, which is approximately 34 kilometers far away and takes about one hour to reach. Buses are also available at affordable prices.

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1. What is Kashmiri gate to Mehandipur Balaji bus timing?

Kashmiri gate to Mehandipur Balaji bus timing is 9:30 PM to 4:00 AM.

2. What is the distance between Delhi and Mehandipur Balaji?

The distance between Delhi and Mehandipur Balaji is approx 235 km.

3. Which Airport is near to Mehandipur Balaji?

Jaipur International Airport is near Mehandipur Balaji.

4. Which Railway Station is near to Mehandipur Balaji?

Bandikui Railway Station is near Mehandipur Balaji.

5. What is Mehandipur Balaji darshan time?

Mehandipur Balaji darshan time is 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 12:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

6. How to reach Mehandipur Balaji from Lucknow?

From Lucknow, you can take a train or flight both are available for Mehandipur.

Here we describe many possible routes to reach Mehandipur Balaji that make your journey easy. If you have any doubts or need more information, let us know in the comment section.

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