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Jagannath Puri Mandir Facts

There are numerous Jagannath Puri Mandir Facts that we had a hard time deciding where to start! Let us start with the least known one.

Did you know that they bricked up the enormous walls of Jagannath Temple over three generations? Because it is a Char-Dham pilgrimage, the temple is extremely important to the Hindus.

It also serves as a significant historical building constructed in 1078. Which is around a millennium ago. Many people travel to Odisha in search of Lord Jagannath’s blessings.

Jagannath Puri Mandir Facts

Millions of people see the temple’s famed annual Rath Yatra. During the rath yatra, three enormous chariots pull the gods. 

There are certain mysterious behaviors that have no known scientific explanation. Here are a few of the Jagannath Puri mandir facts:

Jagannath Puri Temple Unknown Facts

The Flag Flows In The Opposite Direction Of The Wind

The flag of the temple always flows in the opposite direction of the wind.

The Sudarshan chakra is 20 feet in height and weighs a ton, and it looks the same from every direction. No one knows how that chakra came there.

The construction of the temple is in such a way that it does not reflect its shadow at any time.

The Prasadam Is Never Wasted

The total number of people visiting every day varies from 2000 to 20,000 but the amount of prasadam cooked remains the same throughout the year and it is never insufficient for the devotees. Not even a single bite goes to waste.

They cook the prasadam in a pot using firewood. There are 7 pots placed on top, one on another, and the topmost pot is cooked first and the rest follows the same order.

The Climb To The Top Everyday

The priest climbs the top of the temple every day which is 45 stories tall to change the flag. It is 1800-year-old ritual and followed since then. It is a belief that if this ritual is ever missed the temple will remain shut for the next 18 years.

The Voice Of The Waves

After you pass from the Singha Dwara, inside the temple the audibility of the ocean waves gets muted. You won’t be able to hear the sound of the waves just after entering the temple.

The sound returns after you leave the temple. There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

Temple Got No Shadow

Shading is a crucial element when sketching anything. When the sun illuminates one portion of the topic while casting a shadow over the other, shading occurs. But what if there isn’t a shadow on something?

The temple cast almost no shadow at any time of day or from any angle. Could it be a work of art in architecture or a message from Lord Jagannath to the world?

The Breeze

Apart from all the Jagannath Puri mandir facts, this one is surprising and unbelievable. 

Usually, in the morning time, the breeze from the sea comes to land and, land to sea in the evening but in Jagannath puri, the breeze from land goes to sea in the morning opposite in the evening.

Nothing Fly Above The Jagannath Temple

The birds’ territory is the sky. We frequently witness birds perching, taking a nap, and soaring over our heads and roofs. 

However, because of the confined nature of this location, not a single bird or even an airplane could fly circling over the temple.

Maybe Lord Jagannath doesn’t want the vista of his sacred home disrupted for that reason!

The Mystery Of The Sudarshan Chakra

At the top of the temple, where the Sudarshan Chakra is located, there are two mysteries. The first strangeness centers on the hypothesis of how the hard metal is. Which weighs around a tonne, just placed without any technology throughout that century.

The second one focuses on the Chakra-related architectural method. The Chakra seems the same no matter which way you turn your head. They placed the Chakra in such a way that it appears identical from every angle.


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What is special about the Jagannath Temple?

Lord Jagannath, his sister Devi Subhadra, and brothers Lord Balabhadra resides in the Jagannath Temple. Hindus believe that Lord Jagannath is a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. 
One of the four Char Dham pilgrimage sites for the Hindu community is the Jagannath Temple.

What are the four gates of the Jagannath Temple?

The four gates of Lord Jagannath Temple are:
Eastern Gate/Lion’s Gate/Simha Dwara.
Southern Gate/Horse Gate/Aswa Dwara.
Western Gate/Tiger Gate/Vyaghra Dwara.
Northern Gate/Elephant Gate/Hasti Dwara.

What is the significance of the 22 steps of Jagannath Temple?

Twenty-two stairs at the temple of Lord Jagannath stand for twenty-two flaws in human nature or existence. The Lord of the Universe, Lord Jagannath, can be seen by devotees once they have completed these Baisi Pahachas (22 Steps).

Why is lord Jagannath’s eyes are so big?

Krishna’s eyes grew out of scale as a result of the spiritual ecstasy. Moreover, his hands and legs merged with his torso. 

This avatar of Krishna is well-known as Jagannath. Therefore, when Lord Krishna exhibits the ultimate degree of transcendental emotions, devotees call him Lord Jagannath.

What is Lord Jagannath’s favorite food?

Lord Jagannath will have various type of food for the six specific times throughout the day. He usually have Pitha, vegetables, rice, and daal.

However,his favorite food has to be Chenna Poda. Chenna Poda is a festival-special dish. The main ingredients are floral cardamom, tangy paneer, rich ghee, and caramelized sugar.

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