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Duryodhana in Kerala and Uttarakhand | Story, History, Location

Duryodhana Temple in Kerala

There are 2 temples of Duryodhana, one in Kerala and one in Uttarakhand. Duryodhana was the main villain of the Mahabharata. His craving for a kingdom killed thousands of people in the Kurukshetra war.

The temple name in Kerala is Malanada Duryodhana Temple in the Kollam district. The location of the temple is in lush green hills. 

This temple also has idols of Karna, Dushala, Shakuni, Drona, and Bheeshma. The story behind this temple is quite interesting. As per beliefs, Duryodhana was on the hunt for Pandavas after they escaped from Akshay Grah. When he was tired, the tribes of Kaurava served food and water to him. To this day, the priest at the temple hails from the Kaurava community.

Duryodhana Temple in Uttarakhand

Duryodhana Temple Uttarakhand

Another temple of the Kaurava is in Uttarakhand, dedicated to Duryodhana. The people of Mori village consider him God.

This temple is in Jakhol, near Mori in Uttarakhand. According to the folk stories, there is a river named Tamas. As per the story, the river is made of the tears of villagers who cried over Kaurava’s defeat in the Kurukshetra war. And also for the death of Duryodhana. The local people believe that the tears still flow in the river, hence the river is never used for drinking water. 

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