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    Is it right to go on Chardham Yatra now or not? Devotees will have to keep these things in mind. 16/5/2024

    Should the Chardham Yatra be undertaken at this time or not? The crowd that reached Chardham Yatra has become a cause of trouble for the administration. The systems have broken down.

    11 people have died so far. In such a situation, what is the responsibility of the devotees? Know what they should do before travelling. Let us tell.

    Chardham Yatra has started. On May 10, the doors of Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri were opened. The doors of Badrinath were opened on 12th May. Since the beginning of the Chardham Yatra, a large number of people have been going on pilgrimage.

    Devotees, who have been waiting for the beginning of the Chardham Yatra for 6 months, have registered themselves and started arriving for the Yatra. Till now, more than 26 lakh pilgrims have registered for the Chardham Yatra.

    In such a situation, a large number of pilgrims are reaching Chardham. In such a situation, chaos has also started emerging. On one hand, during the pilgrimage, people are stuck in long traffic jams for hours.

    On the other hand, troubled pilgrims are raising slogans on the Gangotri-Yamunotri Highway and demanding answers from the administration on the problems being faced.

    Those travelling to Chardham should keep these things in mind

    The reason for the chaos is also said to be people arriving on Chardham Yatra without registration or before the given date. In such a situation, the thing to note is that if you are thinking of going on a Chardham pilgrimage, then do not go without registration.

    Also, even after registration, keep taking information related to your journey from the administrative officials, so that you continue to get information about the system and the correct situation.

    If you are going to visit Chardham, then try to use public transport. Because private vehicles have become the real cause of jam. Because a large number of people are reaching Chardham Yatra in private vehicles.

    The roads are narrow in the mountains. In such a situation, the jam-like situation has troubled the people. It is advisable to travel to Chardham by private vehicle only if it is absolutely necessary.

    If you are going on a pilgrimage to Chardham, then do not try to reach or leave anywhere in a hurry. Complete your journey comfortably. Also, stay in touch with administrative officials and keep taking stock of the current situation.

    So that you can know what are the conditions at the place where you are planning to go to the next stop.

    If you are going on a trip to Chardham, then keep in mind that Chardham is not a picnic spot. One of the most sacred religious places of Sanatan Dharma.

    In such a situation, maintain the sanctity of the place avoid making reels at various places and try not to carry too much luggage with you. Also, one thing to be noted is that one should avoid making noise.

    A crowd of devotees gathered in Kedarnath Dham, the number of devotees crossed one lakh in 4 day journey 15/5/2024

    Chardham Yatra started in Uttarakhand on 10th May. According to the latest data, the number of devotees who visited Kedarnath temple during the 4-day journey has crossed 1 lakh.

    4 days have passed since the journey to Kedarnath Dham started in Uttarakhand. Lakhs of devotees are coming to visit Kedarnath Dham. According to the latest data, the number of devotees who visited Kedarnath temple during the 4-day journey has crossed 1 lakh.

    Chardham: More than 26 lakh online registrations, CM Dhami is monitoring… The commissioner said the safety of devotees is our priority. 15/5/2024

    Commissioner Vinay Shankar Pandey said that on the first day, a much larger number of devotees arrived than last year, due to which the situation worsened.

    He said that adequate facilities are available for Kedarnath Dham for 18 thousand devotees per day and Yamunotri for 8 thousand devotees per day.

    There has been a huge crowd of devotees for the Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand, due to which the arrangements have broken down. Till May 14, 26 lakh 73 thousand 519 online registrations have been done for Chardham Yatra.

    4 lakh 21 thousand 366 registrations have been done in Gangotri, 4 lakh 78 thousand 576 in Yamunotri, 9 lakh 7 thousand 60 in Shri Badrinath Dham and 8 lakh 13 thousand 558 in Kedarnath Dham, while 59,312 registrations have been done for Hemkund Sahib.

    On the other hand, 1,42,641 registrations were done offline in Haridwar and Rishikesh from 8 to 14 May. 59,158 devotees have visited Yamunotri, 51,378 in Gangotri, 1,26,306 in Kedarnath and 39,574 devotees have visited Badrinath Dham.

    Now devotees will not be able to play the drums in Kedarnath Dham, the angry pilgrim priest said – permission is necessary. 15/5/2024

    Young artists of Ujjain found it difficult to play drums without permission in Kedarnath Dham. The pilgrim priest reprimanded these youth and also warned them not to play the drum again. The pilgrim priest even said that even if the DM has permission, it is necessary to get the permission of Kedar Sabha.

    Since the day the doors of Kedarnath Dham were opened, artists from other states have been reaching the Dham with drums and drums. Earlier the artists of Maharashtra danced for a long time with drums, drums and manjiras.

    Since then, many young artists have been playing drums and drums every day in the Dham, which is creating a lot of noise. When the video of playing drums in the Dham went viral on social media, many people protested against such noise in the Dham.

    From 8th May Offline Chardham Yatra registration is going to Start

    From 8th May 2024, offline registration is going to start in Haridwar and Rishikesh. Every day total of 1500 offline registrations will be to done 1000 in Rishikesh and 500 in Haridwar.

    CityNo of RegistrationLocation
    Haridwar500Rahi Motel
    Rishikesh1000Registration Office
    Transit Camp

    Chardham Yatra 2024 Opening & Closing Dates

    Chardham Kapat Opening Date 2024

     Yamunotri Temple10th May 2024
     Gangotri Temple10th May 2024
     Kedarnath Temple10th May 2024
     Badrinath Temple12th May 2024

    Chardham Kapat Closing Date 2024 (Tentative)

     Yamunotri Temple31st October 2024
     Gangotri Temple2nd November 2024
     Kedarnath Temple2nd November 2024
     Badrinath Temple9th November 2024

    Read more about the Chardham Kapat Opening and Closing.

    Chardham Yatra Online E pass Registration 2024 Started

    Go to for the Chardham Yatra E pass registration.

    Required information during the Chardham registration process is given below.

    Enter your full nameEnter Adhar Card Number
    Enter AgeSelect Country
    Select GenderAddress
    Mobile numberCity Name
    Email AddressDistrict Name
    Emergency Contact Person, Mobile Number and Relation (Who is not travelling with you)Select State

    Know more about Chardham Yatra Online Registration 2024.

    All Records Broken, The Number of Chardham and Hemkund Sahib Pilgrims Crosses 56 Lakhs

    New Record for Chardham Yatra 2023

    The number of pilgrims conducting the Chardham Yatra every year

    Char Dham20192020202120222023
    Hemkund Sahib239910829019909173911177473


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