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Why is Shravan considered the most important month for the Hindus?


The fifth month of Hindu calendar is known as Shravan month. Shravan is considered as the most important and auspicious month of the Hindu calendar. The holy month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The devotees observe fast and offer prayers to seek blessings of Lord Shiva.

This year Shravan month in western and southern India will start on 24th July and while in North India, it has already started from 10th July.

The Legend about Lord Shiva

It is believed that Lord Shiva saved the universe by consuming poison during this month. The poison was obtained during the historic ‘Samudra Manthan’ event. The Gods and Demons were stirring the milky ocean to obtain ‘Amrit’ (Nectar) from the ocean. While stirring they came across the venomous ‘Halahal’ poison, which was capable enough to destroy the complete universe. The gods prayed to Lord Shiva for helping them. Lord Shiva appeared and gulped the poison.

The Gods offered the holy water of Ganga to Lord Shiva for reducing the effect of poison. His throat turned Blue due to the poison; hence the name ‘Neelkanth’. This event had happened on Monday. Hence Monday (Somvar) in Shravan is considered to be very auspicious.

Worshipping and Fasting

Worshipping Lord Shiva during Shravan month is considered more fruitful than during the normal days. Many observe fast during Shravan month for a happy married life or for the happiness of their children. Some observe the fast on Monday only, known as the “Shravan Somvar Vrat”. Observing fast during Shravan month is considered healthy according to scientific belief as well; our digestive system slows down during this season.

Apart from fasting, feeding poor, cows, offering Bilvapatra to Lord Shiva and early morning worship are the major things done during Shravan month to seek blessings from the God.

Important Festival Dates during the Shravan Month, 2017

 Here are the dates of the festivals that will be celebrated during the Shravan Month in 2017.

  • Hariyali Amavasya: 23 July
  • Hariyali Teej: 26 July
  • Naag Panchami: 27 July
  • Varalakshmi Vrat: 4 August
  • Raskhabandhan: 7 August
  • Janmashtmi: 14 August


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