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Yamunotri Temple Timings | The Abode of Krishna’s Fourth Queen

The sacred Yamuna River originates from Champasar Glacier, about 2 km further up in the mountains from Yamunotri. Access to that spot is difficult and most of the devotees cannot go there, so Yamunotri is considered as the origin. Puja and worship are done at the temple here.

Yamunotri is traditionally the first place to be visited on the Chhota Char Dham yatra. The Yamuna river is the physical form of Maa Yamuna, the fourth queen of Lord Krishna. Daughter of Surya Dev, Maa Yamuna was a part of Lord Krishna’s life from their childhood. She was a part of all His various ‘Leelas’ on earth. Lord Krishna had eight ‘Patranis’ and Maa Yamuna was the fourth. Explore Yamunotri Temple Timings

Yamunotri Temple and Darshan Timings:

Yamunotri Darshan Time- 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Yamunotri Temple Pujas and Aartis

6:30 AM  Morning Aarti

7:30 PM  Evening aarti

Maha pooja, Bhog, Sringarand other rituals are done in the temple.

Places to see in Yamunotri and Nearby

Divya Shila

This is where Jaya Muni performed penance causing Maa Yamuna to descend to earth. Devotees usually pray here before entering the Yamunotri temple.

Surya Kund

A hot water spring where devotees cook rice and potatoes to be offered in the temple and taken home as prasad.


This is a spout from where Maa Yamuna gushes out in the form of a hot water spring.

Tapta Snan Kund

Near the temple, devotees bathe here before entering the temple.

Saptarishi Kund in Champasar Glacier

This is where the river actually originates. This is a difficult trek and not possible by a majority of devotees.

Shani Dev Temple, Kharsali

This is where the Murti of Maa Yamuna is taken during the winter months. Shani Dev is Maa Yamuna’s brother. His Murti is brought to Yamunotri on the day of Bhai Dooj after Diwali, to take His sister to Kharsali.


A village about 25 km before Barkot. This is the site of an ancient Shiva temple. According to legends, the Pandavas took shelter in the nearby caves when Duryodhan burned their lakshagraha. (House of Lac)

Distances from Yamunotri

Uttarkashi – 128 km 

Mussoorie – 146 km

Dehradun – 170 km

Haridwar –   221 km

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