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Amarkantak Temple, Madhya Pradesh | Narmada origin, Timings, How to reach


It was around the Day of the Festival and I was planning to visit some holly and natural place. During the search for a picnic spot on the internet somehow this placed click in my mind. Then I researched how to reach Amarkantak, the place to visit, and accommodation at the place, I have never seen such rich natural heritage to be visited in India.

Then I Packed my Bag and reached the Amarkantak. When I visited the place my heart was full drowned in nature and the environment around the place. The air at this place makes your heart blossom with energy and spirit.

It is the best place to visit in Madhya Pradesh.  Amarkantak is famous for its natural environment, atmosphere, and Amarkantak.

Narmada Kund
Narmada Kund

Information of Amarkanatak: 

  • Amarkantak is one of the holy places of Hindus. It is a unique heritage area commonly known as  “Tirthraj”  or “The King of pilgrimage”.  It is the place where the Vindhya and Satpura ranges merge and where the Narmada and Son river get birth.
  • You Know, Amarkantak is at a height of 3500 feet it is a natural hill with wonderful weather. Then We went on a guided tour of Amarkantak.
  • Amarkantak is a beautiful place full of natural environment and atmosphere around the place you will be full of spiritual and religious feelings during the visit to Amarkantak.

Amarkantak temple timings

Amarkantak temple timings are from 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM.

The place to visit near Amarkantak:

For me, some important places to visit during the tour of Amarkantak are as follows. This Place will surely make you feel the joy of nature and the atmosphere with the pure air will help you to make your heart pure.

  1. Narmada Kund:

Birth Place of Narmada

    • The Origin of Narmada river. The history of the place goes back to the 8thcentury when Shankaracharya built Surya Kund for the origin of the Narmada river.
  • He also installed the idol of Shiva at Pataleshwar in Amarkantak.
  • Aarti Timing at Temple of Narmada Kund: 6am-12pm and 4pm-9pm

2. Ancient temple of Kalachuri period:

Kalachuri Temple

    • Then I visited the temple of Kalachuri. Where I came to know about the temples which were from the time of 1042-1072 and during the rule of king Kalachuri Maharaj Karnadev.
  • The ancient temple of the Kalachuri period is just behind the Narmada Kund.
  • The Architecture contains the temple of the pataleshwar Mahadev temple.

 3. Dudh Dhara fall:

Dudh dhara Photos

    • Most importantly, For me, Dudh Dhara is the best natural place to visit. The most beautiful waterfall on the Narmada river.
  • The river is named after its color of water which is milky so the waterfall is known as the Dudh Dhara.
  • You will be mesmerized by the beauty of these pearls dropping from the waterfall.

4. Kapil Dhara Fall:

Kapil Dhara Madhya Pradesh

  • Another waterfall on the river of Narmada. Which is the main attraction of the tourist visiting there?
  • The holy waters of the Narmada river plunge from the height of about 100 feet. The waterfall got its name from the saint Kapil.
  • You should visit this beautiful natural place once.

Some more places me to visit during the visit to Amarkantak :

  • Shri Yantra Mandir.
  • Kabir Kothi.
  • Mrityunjay Ashram.
  • Bhrudu Kamandal

How to reach Amarkantak:

  1. By Air :

  • Jabalpur airport is the nearest airport to Amarkantak. Located approximately 254km.

2. By Railway:

  • Pendra railway station is the nearest railway station to the Amarkantak. Located 17km from the holy town.

3. By Road:

  • Besides Railway, You can take the bus to Jabalpur and Rewa which connects well to Amarkantak or take state buses to Amarkantak from the pandora road.
  • Buses are frequently available to Amarkantak, so for me, Buses were more suitable

It takes about one or two Days to visit the whole of Amarkanatak, therefore You can also stay at Dharamshalas near the railway station:

Thank you!


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1 year ago

the nearest airport is Raipur to amarkandak

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