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Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy Temple | Timings, Vratham, History

Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy Temple

The Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy temple is one of the leading temples of India. The temple is on the top of the Hill on Border of the Kakinada city in the state Andhra Pradesh. Temple dedicated to Lord Satyadev accompanied by its partner Sri Anantha Lakshmi. Lord Satyadev is an avatar of Lord Vishnu.
Uniqueness of the temple is that the image of Lord Shiva is also installed out with them in Sanctum. Lord Satyadev is the unique demonstration of all three main deities of Hindus – Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and Lord Vishnu. The base of the idol represents Lord Brahma. In the middle of the idol is Lord Shiva, and at the top, idol represents Lord Vishnu.
This uniqueness of the temple attracts a lot of pilgrimage and devotees here. Worshipping of this all three main Deities together is extremely auspicious and spiritual.
Satyanarayana Swamy Photos
Satyanarayana Swamy Photos

History of  Annavaram Temple:

It is said that the Lord Vishnu has settled on the hill of Ratnagiri in the Vedic time and took the moniker, Sri Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy. To acknowledge the occasion, Lord came into the dream of one of the zamindar Sri I.V Ramanarayan in the year 1891. And told to construct the temple.
The glory and grandeur of God Satyadev can also be found in religious texts like “Skandapuranam”.

Architecture of Annawaram Satyanarayana Temple:

Temple is a perfect example of rich architecture and crafting. The Temple built in the Dravidian style. The two-layer building contains Yantra on the lower side and Vigrahas of Lord on the upper. The main temple is constructed like a chariot. It has four-wheels at the four corners of the temples.
The wheels symbolize the passage of the time. The center of the chariot is the seat of the Lord who rules over the world. There are other temples in the shrine-like temple of Lord Rama, Vana Durga and Kanaka Durga. Such temples are much admired by the Devotees. Mandapam facilities are also there which can conduct the thousand Satyanarayana Vratams.
Temple premises also consist of the Veda Pathsala(School). It provides free boarding and lodging to the Brahmin students studying there.

Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy Temple Timings

  • Darshan timings: 6 AM to 9:00 PM

Annavaram Temple Pooja Timings

Poojas and Seva DetailsTimings
Suprabhatha Seva 4:00 AM
Dhoopa Seva 5:00 AM
Sarva Darshan Starting time 6:00 AM
Bala Bhogam 7:00 AM
Bali Harana 7:30 AM
Chaturveda Praynam  8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Swamy Nitya Kalyanam  9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Abhishekam to Lord Shiva 12:00 PM
Maha Nivedana  6:00 PM
Dhoopa Seva  6:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Darbaru Seva 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Ekantha Seva 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Annavaram Vrathnam Timings

  • Vratham timings: 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Places to Visit Near Annavaran Swamy Temple

  • Pampa River
  • Thalupullamma Thalli Temple
  • Uppadda Beach
  • Samarlakota
  • Draksharamam
  • Puruhutika Devi

Annavaram Satyanarayana Swamy temple Photos

How to Reach Annavaram Swamy Temple:

One can easily access the temple through own vehicle or local transportation facilities.

By Air:

If you are planning to visit the temple through-plane then the nearest airport to the temple is Vishakapatnam, around 100 km from away.

By Train:

The Railway station in Annavaram is around 2 km from the temple.

By Road:

Annavaram is very well connected to roads and with many central cities of the Andhra Pradesh so Devotees can easily get local transportation facilities or can easily travel to the temple through the site.


Q.1 Which is the nearest railway station to the railway station to Annavaram temple?

View Answer
The nearest railway station to the temple is Annavaram railway station which is just 2 km from the temple.

Q.2 What is the Dress Code of the temple Annavaram temple?

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There is no such Dress Code for the temple, but one needs to wear the Descent Dress Code.

Q.3 How much time it takes to visit the temple?

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It takes around 1-2 hours to visit the temple.

Q.4 Is vehicle possible to take up to hill?

View Answer
Yes, one can take Vehicle up the hill, ample parking facilities are available up the hill.

Q.5 What is the charge for special Darshan?

View Answer
Rs.100 are charged for special Darshan facilities.

Q.6 What are the Entry fees of the temple?

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There are no Entry Fees for the temple.

Q.7 How many steps are there in Annavaram temple?

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There are around 460 steps at the Hill of Annavaram temple.

Q.8 What is the Distance between Kakinada to Annavaram temple?

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The distance between the Kakinada and Annavaram temple is 44.7 km.


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