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How To Reach Haridwar From Bangalore

There is no direct route between Bangalore and Haridwar. The shortest and cheapest way to reach Bangalore to Haridwar is a train to New Delhi, then a train to Haridwar Jn which takes 47 hours.

When you are planning to travel from Bangalore to Haridwar, you have a few options of transport to keep in mind. Travelling between these destinations is possible by different mode of transport

  • Flight
  • Train
  • Taxi/Cab

If you have a shortage of time and want to travel from Bangalore to Haridwar quickly it is advisable to take a Flight from Dehradun Airport.

Bangalore to Haridwar Distance

It is important to know the distance between Bangalore and Haridwar before travelling by road.

Transportation ModeDistance
By Road2344 km
By Air1888 km
By Train1890 km

The total distance between Bangalore and Haridwar is 2344 km and it will take 40 hours. The flight distance between Bengaluru and Haridwar is 1888 km.

Follow the route to reach Haridwar

  1. Start from Bangalore.
  2. Take NH 44 towards the north.
  3. Continue on NH 44, passing through Nehru Outer Ring Road.
  4. Stay on NH 44 as you head towards Srinagar – Kanyakumari Highway.
  5. Follow the Srinagar – Kanyakumari Highway until you reach a point where you need to transition to NH334.
  6. Take NH334 and continue towards the north.
  7. Eventually, follow NH334 to Karnprayag – Haridwar Road/Roorkee – Haridwar Road in Haridwar.
Bangalore to Haridwar Distance

How to Reach Haridwar From Bangalore By Train

Bangalore to Haridwar train time from KSR Bengaluru City Junction Bangalore is 8:00 PM to 1:39 PM it will take 1 day 18 hours to reach Haridwar from Bangalore. The first departure was at 12:02 a.m. and the last was at 11:50 p.m.

Bangalore to Haridwar Train Timings

Sunday – Tuesday8:00 PM – 12:25 PM
Monday – Wednesday8:00 PM – 2:30 PM 

Bangalore to Haridwar Train Ticket Price

Ticket Prices for Bangalore to Haridwar are Rs. 1097 lowest price and the highest price is Rs. 3636.

Bangalore to Haridwar TrainDetails
Connection Per Day7
Lowest PriceRs. 1097
Highest PriceRs. 3636
First Departure12:02 a.m.
Last Departure11:50 p.m.
Distance1890 km
Departure FromBangalore
Arrival AtHaridwar
Journey Duration1 day 18 hours

Bangalore to Haridwar By Flight

The quickest route from Bangalore to Haridwar is by plane. It is usually the most expensive choice, on occasion, you may get promotional tickets for the same cost as a train ticket. Air Vistara and IndiGo are Airlines flying from Bangalore to Haridwar.

Bangalore to Haridwar Flight Ticket Price

Flight Tickets: Rs. 9268 to Rs. 12257

Bangalore to Haridwar Flight Schedule

Airlines NameTimePrice
IndiGo Economy Class01:40 – 10:35Rs. 11,791
IndiGo Economy03:45 – 14:45Rs. 8,801
IndiGo Economy05:15 – 14:10Rs.13,732
IndiGo Economy06:05 – 15:30Rs. 13,973
IndiGo Economy08:45 – 14:10Rs. 13,453
IndiGo Economy10:20 – 17:40Rs. 12,209
IndiGo Economy13:25 – 16:00Rs. 12,717
IndiGo Economy14:10 – 17:10Rs. 15,739
Air Vistara Economy17:25 – 09:15Rs. 8,830
Air Vistara Economy18:30 – 14:30Rs. 9,123
Air Vistara Economy21:35 – 14:30Rs. 9,075
IndiGo Economy22:00 – 06:55Rs. 9,128

Other best flights from Bangalore to Haridwar are given below.

bangalore to haridwar flight ticket price

Bangalore to Haridwar Flight Distance

The flight distance between Bengaluru and Haridwar is 1888 km. Travelling by Flight is the best way to reach Haridwar in a short time.

Things to Consider Before Boarding a Flight

  • It’s advised to book a ticket in advance, choose a seat according to your choice and check-in online.
  • It may take some time to pass through security checks, so plan to arrive at the airport at least one and a half hours early.

Bangalore to Haridwar Distance and Duration By Road

Here travellers can find driving directions from Bangalore to Haridwar, a road map to Haridwar, the distance between Bangalore and Haridwar and how much time a cab or taxi will take to reach Haridwar from Bangalore by road.

Distance from Bangalore to Haridwar is 2,344 km and takes approximately 40 hours by road.

Bangalore To Haridwar Cab Rentals

Roundtrip of Bangalore To Haridwar as well as get the best cab cost details from Bangalore To Haridwar tour packages. which are ideal for small family weekend trips to Haridwar.

Benefits of Travelling From Bangalore to Haridwar By Taxi

  • Smooth online taxi booking process with a variety of payment methods and transparent billing.
  • Experienced and friendly drivers who will also give relevant information about the location.
  • You will get the best Cab at the Cheapest rates for Bangalore to Haridwar.
  • Get a discount on long weekend taxi booking.

Roundtrip cost without GST is around Rs. 52083 and with GST is Rs. 54688.

Many Cars Available for Rent From Bangalore to Haridwar Tour

You can hire a taxi or cab with a driver from Bangalore to Haridwar. An accurate selection of taxis for road trips from Bangalore to Haridwar is provided by many transportation business owners.

Bangalore to Haridwar Taxi/Car Rental Packages Price

You can find rates of One Way, Round Trip and customised Cab/Taxi package services from Bangalore To Haridwar.

Select one of our top Bangalore taxi tour packages to discover and enjoy your vacation in and around Bangalore. Vacation experts will provide you with the most up-to-date travel plans for the ideal trip route.

Rate Sheet and Taxi Charge From Bangalore to Haridwar

Cab/TaxiTaxi/Cab Model NamePer Day Taxi Rate
HatchbackTata Indica ACStarts from  Rs. 54688
SedanTata Indigo ACStarts from  Rs. 55896
SedanSwift Dzire ACStarts from  Rs. 55896
SedanToyota Etios ACStarts from  Rs. 55896
SUVErtiga 6 Seater ACStarts from  Rs. 77645
SUVToyota Innova ACStarts from  Rs. 82479
SUVMahindra Xylo ACStarts from  Rs. 82479
SUVToyota Innova Crysta ACStarts from  Rs. 94719
VANTempo Traveller 12 ACStarts from  Rs. 150353

Places to Visit in Haridwar

Haridwar, which means “Gateway to God,” is one of Sapta Puri located on the Ganga River. There are many temples, ashrams, ghats and other famous locations you must visit during your trip to Haridwar.

The Best Dharamshala and Hotels to Stay in Haridwar

If you are travelling to Haridwar from Banglore then you must book your stay for a comfortable and enjoyable tour. Check the best Dharamshala and Hotels in Haridwar for Advance booking from YatraDham.Org.

YatraDham.Org provides the best Dharamshala and Hotel booking facility at your budget price. choose the best accommodation option according to your requirements and make your stay memorable and enjoyable with all the required facilities.

Here, is the list of the best accommodations in Haridwar

All this Dharamshala and hotels are the best options to stay in Haridwar.

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Sanjay Dangrocha is your guide to a world of adventure through his travel blog. Stay updated for your next journey to famous temples, travel adventures and must-visit places.”

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