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Nadabet Seema Darshan Tour Complete Guide

Nadabet Indo-Pak Border is the only border tourism place in India after the Wagah border in Punjab. However, Gujarat now has its own border tourism destination, combining history and adventure.

We are here to help you plan a trip to Nadabet, located in Banaskatha, Gujarat. How to Reach Nadabet, Places to Visit Near Nadabet, Nadabet Seema Darshan Online Booking, Ticket Price and a Brief Overview of Nadabet.

Nadabet Seema Darshan From The Entrance to The Border

Nadabet Seema Darshan Complete Guide

The Ndabet Gate is a beautiful gateway that welcomes you into a remarkable world. This is where your trip starts. This beautiful structure not only welcomes you but also gets you ready for the exciting experiences waiting next.

You will discover how strongly NADABET has affected our understanding of the bravery and loyalty of India’s frontline soldiers as you walk through this historic location.

Nadabet Distance

Check the distance of Nadabet from different cities of Gujarat

Kachchh231 km
Patan120 km
Mehsana165 km
Ahmedabad232 km
Vadodara341 km
Surat497 km
Bhavnagar349 km
Dwarka472 km
Rajkot307 km

Nadabet Border Ticket Price

You have to buy Nadabet Seema Darshan Tickets from the BSF ticket counter.

AdultsRs. 100
ChildRs. 50

Nadabet Border Ticket Price Online Booking

Right now, the official website,, does not provide an online ticket booking facility. You have to purchase a ticket from the BSF ticket counter at Nadabet.

Nadabet Seema Darshan Timings

NadaBet Border Seema Darshan

Note: Nadabet Seema Darshan is closed on Monday. So, plan your trip to visit Nadabet between Tuesday to Sunday.

Nadabet Border TimingsTime
Visit Time9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Nadabet Parade TimeHalf an hour before Sunset
Zero-Point Visit Time9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Best Time to Visit NadabetNovember to February

Nadabet Bus Service From Zeroline Border to Nadeshwari Temple

Nadabet Bus Service From Zeroline Border to Nadeshwari Temple

Ten special buses left the Zeroline border to transport tourists to the Nadeshwari Temple via a different route.

Bus TicketPrice
AdultRs. 100
ChildRs. 50

Before reaching Nadabet you can visit Nadeshwari Temple, which is just 150 km away. It will take 1 hour in Nadeshwari Temple.

3 arrivals, plaza-resting place with furniture and interior workAuditorium with a seating capacity of 500 people
Border Gatha Exhibition Center and MuseumDecorative lighting
Solar treeRetaining Wall
BSF barracks5000-capacity parade ground
Exhibition CenterAjay Prahari Smarak
Tricolor at a height of 40 feetBeatingTreat Ceremony by BSF
Demonstration of MiG-27 aircraftSurface-to-air missiles
T-55 tankArtillery gun
TorpedoWing drop tankVarious replicas of BSF’s workings and duties
Border Gatha Museum, which includes weapons used in war, and duty performed in extreme circumstancesRoads from T-junction to Zero Point: MiG aircraft used in the 1971 war, artificial guns, tornado missiles, battle tanks

All these places are covered by the Nadabet Bus service.

History and Culture of Nadabet

Nadabet is part of the history of India, it is more than just a border. It brings to life the events of the 1971 Indo-Pak War and the constant bravery of the BSF Jawans, making it one of Gujarat’s growing tourist destinations.

Nadabet Parade Time

Everywhere you look in this historically rich nation, you may find stories of bravery and determination.

Culture of Nadabet

You’ll feel the spirit of courage and determination around this historic border view as soon as you arrive at this popular tourist destination in Gujarat.

Nadabet Parade

The bravery and dedication of the soldiers who have watched over this frontier Feel it here with every step you take.

Indo-Pak Border Nadabet

Nadabet Seema Darshan Travel Tips

A trip to Nadabet Seema Darshan is a historically important as well as culturally rich event. Being well-informed and well-prepared is important during your trip to Nadabet. The following travel advice can help make your trip easy and enjoyable.

  • Carry Identification Documents: It is a border area; that’s why ID cards are required for security checks. So, always carry your ID card with you.
  • Respect Local Customs and Traditions: As a visitor, respect the local culture and people of the place you are visiting.
  • Stay Informed About the Area: Before your trip to Nadabet, know about its historical importance. This information will help you make your trip enjoyable.
  • Carry a first-aid kit: for unexpected minor injuries or health problems. Carrying a first-aid kit is usually a good idea.
  • Plan for the Parade Arrive before parade time to take a good seat to view the BSF Parade/Retreat Ceremony.
  • Photography Guidelines: You can take beautiful photographs of Nadabet’s surroundings, but avoid taking photographs at Zero Point to respect security protocols.

Adventure Activities at Nadabet

Nadabet Indo-Pak Border provides a lot of exciting adventure activities to make your trip memorable.

Adventure Activities at Nadabet

Price List of Adventure Activities at Nadabet

Adventure ActivitiesPrice
Zip LineRs. 300
Zip CycleRs. 300
Giant SwingRs. 200
Rocket EjectorRs. 200
Human Sling ShotRs. 300
Bungee BasketRs. 100
Velcro WallRs. 100
Low-Rope CourseRs. 100
High-Rope CourseRs. 200
Army Commando CourseRs. 100
Paint Ball: 40 ShotsRs. 375
Paint Ball: Refill 50 ShotsRs. 200
Rock ClimbingRs. 275
RappellingRs. 275
Free FallRs. 300
Shooting Air Riffle: 10 BulletsRs. 200
Shooting Cross Bow: 5 BoltsRs. 150

Nadabet Seema Darshan Contact Detail

Address: T-Junction, India-Pakistan Border Rd., Nadabet, Banaskantha – 370165, Gujarat.

Contact No: 1800 274 2700, 7624001526

Email Id: [email protected]

Hotel And Dharamshala Online Booking Near Nadabet

YatraDham.Org provides the best Dharamshala and hotel bookings at an affordable rate with all the required facilities. Here is a list of some of the best accommodations provided by YatraDham.Org, check it and start your booking.

How to Reach Nadabet

Here, we have provided the complete details of how to reach Nadabet by different modes of transport.

By Road

By Road

Suigam Bus Stand is 19 km from Nadabet.

By Train

By Train

Bhildi, Deesa, and Palanpur are the nearest railway stations to the Nadabet.

By Air

By Air

Ahmedabad Airport is the nearest airport, which is 233 km from Nadabet.

Other Famous Places to Visit During The Nadabet Trip

Nadeshwari Mata Temple at Suigam18 km
Modhera Sun Temple at Modehera village of Mehsana district142 km
Rani Ki Vav at Patan120 km
Ambaji Mata Temple at Ambaji199 km

Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos

Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 1
Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 2
Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 3
Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 4
Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 6
Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 7
Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 8
Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 9
Nadabet Seema Darshan Photos 10

In this post, we covered the complete details of Nadabet Seema Darshan timings, ticket prices, adventure activities, famous places to visit nearby, the best accommodation in Nadabet for family stays at affordable prices and much more.

For more information, you can contact YatraDham.Org or you can let us know in the comment section.

Thank You!

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