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How to Reach Kuruvapur : Shri Dattatreya Temple

Kuruvapur is located in the state of Karnataka, India. Kuruvapur is an important destination for the devotees of Lord Dattatreya. The first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in kaliyuga is Sripada Vallabha. Sripada Srivallabha, the First Avatar of Lord Dattatreya spent 35 years in penance in Kuruvapur and this is his Tapo Bhoomi. Kuruvapur is surrounded by the River Krishna and referred to as ‘ Gurdweepa’ in the Skanda Purana. This place is an island, surrounded on all sides by the Krishna River. 

How to Reach Kuruvapur?

Shrikshetra Kuravpur is in Kuruvapur in the Raichur district Karnataka. It is situated on the banks of river Krishna. It is around 25 km from Raichur. Visitors can reach Kuravpur by train or road.

Mainly there are two routes through which you can reach Kuruvapur:

First Route to Kuruvapur (Bus-Boat)

This is about 30 km from the district headquarter Raichur of Karnataka. Bus facility is available from Raichur to Aathkur which is around 1.5 hours of journey. From Aathkur to Kuruvapur, visitors need to travel through small boats (for 20 minutes) known as “butti” (charges: 15-20 rupees). The connection conveyance facility is available for each bus reaching Aathkur.

Second Route to Kuruvapur 

This route takes around 2.5 hours from the district headquarter Mahaboobnagar of Andhra Pradesh. Mahboobnagar is about 2.5 hours journey from the state capital Hyderabad. Visitors can take direct buses from Hyderabad to Raichur and have to get down at Makthal. From Makthal to Kurugadda (kuravapur) autos and jeeps Are available. The devotees have to engage an auto or jeep to reach the Krishna river. From there also buttis and small boats Are available to reach the temple.

Railway route to Kuruvapur

The nearest Railway station is Raichur station. From there, devotees can take buses from Atakur which is available at morning 7:30 am and 11:00 am. From the village bullock cart, the boat is also available. Some Important trains to Raichur are:

  • 6011 CST Madras 14:00 pm
  • 1081 Kanyakumari 03:35 pm
  • 2163 Chennai Express 08:20 pm


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