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Vairamudi Festival 2022 in Melukote Temple ,Karnataka

Vairamudi Festival 2022:

The grand festival is celebrated in Melkote Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple in Karnataka annually and is witnessed by lakhs of devotees. It is a 13-day-long festival known as Vairamudi Brahmotsav. Vairamudi means a diamond crown that is made up of invaluable diamonds, studded with gold and is kept under the safe custody of the Government Treasury.

Vairamudi Festival 2022 Date

In 2022 Vairamudi Festival will be celebrated from March 7 to March 18. The Vairamudi crown festival will be held on the night of March 13 and the early morning of March 14. The head priests place the Vaira Mudi & fit it to the statue of Cheluva Narayana Swamy. The priest must not look at the Vaira Mudi with his naked eyes, hence he covers his eyes with a silk cloth.


The Brahmotsav in the temple is observed annually from Bharani Nakshatra in Phalgun month to Hasta Nakshatra. While the Vairamudi procession is held on Pushya Nakshatra day. The procession usually takes place at night as it is believed that the divine crown must not be exposed to sunlight. 

Cheluva Narayanaswami

The 13-day long festival includes different events like Garudotsava, Kalyanotsavam, Nagavalli Mahotsava, Maharatotsava, Boat festival, Nagavalli Mahotsava (prayer to snake god), and Gajendra Moksha (Prayers to elephant god). Garudotsav is celebrated a day prior to Brahmotsav.

Vairamudi Festival Timings in Melukote Temple

The Vairamudi Utsav will commence at 09:00 pm and ends at 03:00 am. The crown is removed at 3:00 am and is returned to the Government Treasury.

Melkote Temple Timings

Melkote Temple Timings – Cheluvanarayana Swamy

Story of Vairamudi Festival


It is believed that the crown was stolen by the demon named Virochana when Vishnu was asleep. Garuda realized that the crown was stolen. He went after Virochana, fought with the demon, and brought the crown back. This divine incident is celebrated as the Vairamudi festival or Vairamudi Brahmotsav.

How to Reach Melukote Temple?

Melukote Temple Distance

Melukote distance from Bengaluru – 150 km

Melukote distance from Mysore – 54.8 km

Melukote distance from Thondanur- 95.4 km

Accommodations near Melukote Temple

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