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Kuber Bhandari Temple(Chandod) Annakshetra and Dharamshala will be closed due to increase of Corona cases

20th March 2021, As per the latest information, Kuber Bhandari Mandir Annakshetra and Dharamshala will be closed due to the recent surge of Corona cases. As of now the reopening date has not been decided.

Kuber Bhandari Temple, Chandod Information

Kuber Bhandari temple is located in the village Karnali at District Vadodara. The temple is located at a distance of 60 km from the Vadodara. The temple is said to be very ancient and built around 2500 years ago.

Kuber Bhandari temple is 800 feet above the coast of river Narmada. There are around 680 steps to get to the temple from the river Narmada. This is one of the most important pilgrimages on the bank of the river holiest river Narmada.

There is a lot of importance, in taking bath in the river Narmada before visiting the Kuber Bhandari temple. But need to be careful as the water there is a bit Deep and crocodiles are moving inside the river.

History of Kuber Bhandari Temple, Chandod

There is a mythological story about the temple. Once lord Shiva was passing through this forest near the river Narmada with goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati felt hungry and thirsty due to the long walk, due to she requested for some food and water for Lord Shiva.

But Lord Shiva could not find the water and food nearby. So he decided to stay in the form of food and water so that whenever other pilgrimages visit the place they can get food and water.

So Lord stayed there adopting the name Kuber Bhandari who is said to be the God of food and water.

Kuber Bhandari Temple Timings

Morning04:00 AM
Evening10:00 PM

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