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Madhyamaheshwar or Madmaheshwar | Trek | Panch Kedar

The Panch Kedar – Madhyamaheshwar Temple 

Madhyamaheshwar is often called Madmaheshwar. The temple is at an altitude of 3490 meters (11450 feet) above sea level. And is the fourth of the worshiped Panch Kedars. Madmaheshwar is in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.

The Pandavas were looking for Mahadev to seek mercy for sins done during the Mahabharata war. Mahadev, displeased with them, took the form of a bull and was hiding in Guptkashi.  When the Pandavas ultimately found him, the bull was divided into five parts. The Pandavas built a temple at each of the spots where the five parts fell. 

Madhyamaheshwar was where the navel or the middle part fell. 

Bhim, the second Pandava, has prayed and built the temple here. There are two smaller shrines in the temple. One shrine’s dedicated to Mata Parvati and the other to Ardhnarishwar. On one side is a temple dedicated to Saraswati Mata.
The entire village gathers here for the evening aarti and guests are welcome. During the winter, they take the idol of Madhyamaheshwar to Ukhimath.

Madmaheshwar Trek 

The 16 km trek to Madhyamaheshwar begins from Ransi Village, which is 21 km from Ukhimath. Jeeps and taxis are available to go to Ransi from Ukhimath. Ukhimath is about 200 km from Haridwar and 42 km from Rudraprayag. A shorter trek of 2 km from here takes you to Vriddh (elderly) Madhyamaheshwar. 

Panch Kedar Map

Panch Kedar Map

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