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Mithila Shaktipeeth – Info, History, Timings & How to Reach

Mithila Shaktipeeth 

Mithila Shaktipeeth in Bihar is unique because of the fact that it is actually three temples that are considered to be the Shaktipeeth. There is a lot of confusion about this place and has been misunderstood by many, who think Janki Temple in Janakpur (Nepal) is the Shaktipeeth. Mithila was the kingdom of Raja Janak in the days of the Ramayana. Presently the area consists of the southern part of Nepal and the northern part of Bihar.

After the Daksha Yagya, Sati Mata ended Her life because Lord Shiva was gravely insulted. Mata Sati’s body was cut into 51 parts by Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra to separate it from Mahadev. These parts landed in different places which came to be Shaktipeeths. It is believed Her left shoulder fell in the Mithila region.

The three temples that complete the circuit are – 

Vanadurga Temple, Uchchaith 

Vanadurga Temple, also known as Uchchaith Bhagwati is located in Uchchaith village near Benipatti (Madhubani District). A Murti of Maa Bhagwati seated on a Lion. Only the shoulder part of the Goddess can be seen. The Murti is enshrined on a black stone platform. Devotees worship the Goddess in the form of ‘Siddhidatri’, the ninth form of Durga Mata. This temple is connected to Kali Das, the great poet, and writer. It was at this temple he was blessed to become a scholar.

Jay Mangala Temple,  Salauna

This is the second of the three temples and is situated about 22 km from Begusarai. Jay Mangala temple was first built by the Pal Dynasty. It was originally a part of an ancient fort. There is a large freshwater lake adjacent to the temple. A Murti of Maa Mangala is enshrined. She is a form of Durga Mata and also known as Ganga Mata Jaymangala. Angraj Karna, who was the king of Ang Pradesh used to pray at this temple.

Shri Ugratara Sthan, Mahishi

The third of these temples is the Shri Ugratara Sthan in Mahishi, Bihar. The temple is at a raised level and is reached by a short flight of stairs. This is also a very ancient temple. In the sanctum, a Murti of the Goddess known as Bhagwati Tara, adorned with a silver crown can be seen. Two other Murtis –  on either side of Bhagwati Tara Devi are worshipped as Ekjata and Nil Saraswati. This temple is also a center for Tantrik Shaktism. 

Festivals of the temples

Both Navratris are celebrated at these temples but the Shardiya Navratri attracts more devotees as meals are organized during this period.

How to Reach

Patna is the most convenient point -to explore these three temples. Patna is well connected by air and rail to all parts of India.

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