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Pitreshwar Hanuman Mandir, Indore – 72 Feet High Statue of Lord Hanuman

Pitreshwar Hanuman Dham in Indore is famous for the tallest statue of Sitting Hanuman Ji in the country.

The statue is also one of the tallest statues in Madhya Pradesh, located on Pitra Parvat/Parbat. The statue is constructed by the artists of Gwalior.

Features of the Statue:

  • The statue is 71 feet tall.
  • The weight of the statue is approx 108 tons.
  • The chhatra on the head of Lord Hanuman is 18 feet long.
  • On the chhatra, Ram Naam Mantra is written for 108 times.
  • The Gada of Hanuman Ji is 45 feet long.
  • In front of the idol, “Ramayana” made out of panch dhatu is placed.
  • Ramayana is 9 x 18 feet long.
  • The chabutara is 14 feet tall. Chhabutara holds the statue.
  • The statue is south-west facing as per Vastu Shashtra.
  • 125 people completed the work in 7 years.
  • It is the first-ever sitting Hanuman Ji statue ever made.
  • “Ram Bhakti me leen” Hanuman Ji is made out of recycled utensils.
  • The statue was brought to Indore from Gwalior in 264 parts.
  • It took 2 years to join these 264 parts.
  • Laser light show is also available in the evening time.
  • The laser show will explain Ramayan & Hanuman Chalisa in a 20-minute show.
  • 99-carat acrylic gold color was imported from France to color the Statue.
Pitra Parvat Indore, Pitreshwar Hanuman
Pitreshwar Hanuman Mandir Location near Indore

The Name “Pitra/Pitru Parvat”

The temple is in a total area of 5 acres. The name “Pitru Parvat” is because of some obvious reasons. People started planting trees here 12 years ago, in the memory of their loved ones. People also plant trees here on the occasion of Shradhpaksha. 


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