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The Great Indian Peninsular Circuit By Asim Mehta (January 16th – 20th 2017)

I have toured southern India extensively, but there was one circuit still not covered. I call it ‘The Big K’, for Kanyakumari. So, a plan was formed.

We decided to go from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari, then on to Rameshwaram and end up in Puducherry. All four are southern coastal towns of our great country and this would be a perfect peninsular journey!

It turned out to be a perfect trip – regular tourism with a dose of spirituality. From the Padmanabhswamy temple and the Rameshwaram temple to the beaches of Kovalam and Puducherry, all were memorable and legendary!

We stayed in private hotels in Trivandrum and Puducherry, but were fortunate enough to be accommodated in Dharamshalas in Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram.
The Mahavir Swamy dharamshala in Kanyakumari was brand new and in excellent condition.
In Rameshwaram we stayed in Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas Dharamshala. The location of this place is unbeatable. The temple is just a few metres away. Being in close proximity to the temple, other conveniences like restaurants, local transport etc. are easily available.
Being Jains, vegetarian jain food is important for us. Fortunately both dharamshalas served our purpose very well.

Usually it can be challenging to get confirmed accommodation in religious destinations that always have a high footfall. If that is well sorted out, travelling becomes much more pleasant and hassle free. For us this was all the more important as we had a three year old child and a senior citizen in our group.

Finally we were in Puducherry, our last stop. Hardly anything went wrong and it was indeed an enjoyable and memorable trip. In fact this trip gave us the confidence to indulge in many more such excursions!

Some photos of our trip –

Kanyakumari – Statues of Swami Vivekananda and St. Thiruvalluvar in background

Jain Mandir – Mahavir Swamy Dharamshala, Kanyakumari

Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas in Rameshwaram


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