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Best Places to Visit in Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir is located in Gujarat State. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations places in India. The wildlife sanctuary of Gir is also known as Sasan Gir it has been stretched across 1,400 square kilometres.

Being the only wildlife sanctuary it enjoys the unique primeness that houses the Asiatic lions in large numbers. People from all over the country and foreigners visit here to speckle this awesome critter. It’s Heaven for wildlife lovers.

Experience The Thrill – Things To Do in Gir

Gir also has plenty of other activities you can enjoy on a family vacation, especially with good standard hotels and resorts nearby surrounding areas. In the last couple of years, many accommodations are being established for this specific purpose.

The Gir hotels are amazing in some way, as it has been equipped with modern luxury and amenities at budget price which are needed during tourist vacations.

1. Gir National Park

 The Area Approximately Covered 1,412 square Km. The Deciduous influence of Rocky Hills with high ridges compacted forest valleys and spread out in a Grassy plateau. The area falls under the Kathiawar Gir dry Teaky forest with a mixture of dry deciduous scrub forest and dry savannah Forest.

The Entry permit can be obtained online from the park’s official website and from the Sinh Sadan orientation centre at a distance of 5 minutes from the main gate of the park 

One pass admits 6 persons and extra charges for children between the age group of 3 to 12 years.

  • Location: Gir interpretation zone
  • Visiting hours: 8 AM to 11 AM and 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM
  • Fees: Rs.5500(Around)
  • Photography Fees: Rs 100\ (one camera in 6-person groups)
  • Guide fee: Rs 100\- (6-person group) (4 hours)

2. Birds View in Sasan Gir

Wildlife is all about watching animals and birds at their natural best. Gir is an ideal place for spotting all kinds of migratory birds, like woodpeckers, Flamingo, and Bonelli’s Eagle. For natural lovers, one of the best things to watch birds in Gir and not forget to carry your camera and binocular.

  • Visiting hours: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Best Months to Vist: October to March

3. Shopping Markets in Sasan Gir

You can find a variety of colourful and traditional garments near the exit and entry gates of Gir. By, picking up such as patola silk sarees, bandhani, traditional ghagra cholis, wall hangings, embroidery, cradle clothes, Marriage costumes, and other handmade items.

  • Time:7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

4. Cultural Festivals in Gir

The place is surrounded by various tribal communities such as the Maldhari tribes having a rich cultural heritage. These tribals celebrate many vibrant festivals throughout the year, showcasing their traditional customs, rituals, music, dance and arts. you will find yourself greatly enriched by the experience.

  • Cost: Rs.500
  • Timings: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

5. Nature Walk in Sasan Gir

Firstly, if you are Nature’s Lover then this is the best place to explore the area with a guide and watch the thriving birdlife. Moreover, if you wish to explore more then take a tour to the local farm and town which are nearby the stay to get a feel of rustic Forest life

  • Cost: No additional cost
  • Timing:8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Tips While Visiting Gir National Park

  1. Do not disturb the wildlife or offer them food
  2. Carry enough water, and one attendant to learn about the field and  nearby surroundings
  3. Dont Frighten wildlife with quick or sudden movements
  4. Smoking is strictly prohibited due to the reason of forest fire
  5. Hunting devices and other weapons are not allowed 
  6. Hence, Stay in the vehicle while the jungle Safari for the purpose of safety

 Best Tourist Places To Visit Near Sasan Gir

1. Somanath Temple

The Somnath Temple is located in Prabhas Patan, Veraval. Distance taken from Sasan Gir is 56km and it will take around 1 hour 30 minutes. Somnath Temple Dedicated to Lord Shiva, a revered Hindu pilgrimage Explores its Grand Architecture, attend the evening Aarti and soaked in the spiritual Atmosphere. It is one of the first Jyotirlinga among the twelve shrines of Shiva. Somnath Darshan Tmings are from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

You can find accommodation near Somnath Temple at affordable prices with all the amenities at Yatradham.

2. Diu

Diu is a Town located on an Island in the Gulf of Cambay. The distance from Sasan Gir to Diu is around 62 Km of (1 hour 43 minutes). Situated at the head of the coastal Town of Diu and spend a day relaxing on its pristine beaches such as Diu Fort, Naida Caves, INS Khukri Memorial, Gangeshwar Mahadev, Saint Paul’s Church, Nagoa Beach, Ghogla Beach and Jhallander Beach. Engage in water sports activities, relish delicious seafood, and Explore Diu Fort and St Paul’s Church. 

3. Explore Junagadh

Junagadh is located at the foot of Girnar Hills. The distance from Sasan Gir to Junagadh is 72 Km which takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes. Spend time in the historic city of Junagadh by visiting places like Uparkot Fort, Girnar Hills, Shakhar Bhagh Zoo, Willingdon Dam, Shree Swami Narayan Mukhya Temple, Bhavnath Mahadev Temple, Shri Radha Damodarji Temple, Tulsishyam Temple.

Wander the narrow lanes of the old city, explore the Architectural marvel of Mahabat Maqbara, and hike up Girnar mountain for panoramic views.

Here, are some of the best Dharamshala in Junagadh for your stay with all the amenities at a budget price.

Best Time To Visit Gir

The Best Time to visit Gir National Park and wildlife sanctuary is from December to March in Winter Season. This period is considered the peak tourist season and offers favourable weather conditions for wildlife sightings and outdoor activities.

During, the month of monsoon is not the best time to visit Sasan Gir due to rainfall. Further from June to October every year the jungle safari cannot be done and the park remains closed for these months.

Gir is the Perfect Place to visit with Friends and Family. It is the best place for nature lovers. Make a plan to Trip to Sasan Gir and nearby Places. Hope this information will help out with your trip share it with the people who love to travel and explore new places. Let us know your experience in the comment section.

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