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Shri Vitthal Rukmini Online Darshan Booking

On behalf of the Shree Vitthal Rukmini Temples Committee, online darshan booking has been available for the past few years. Through this service, you can book a Vitthal Rukmini Online Darshan Pass for free.

Pandharpur Darshan Pass

We have the facility to choose the day and time of our convenience, we can come and have a darshan at the same time.

That saves us a lot of time. And you don’t have to stand for hours in the Darshan queue. Therefore, if Sri Vitthal devotees decide to come to Pandharpur, they should fix the day of their arrival and book the darshan pass for that time in advance.

Pandharpur Darshan Pass Online Booking

Pandharpur Darshan Pass

To book a Darshan pass, click on the link below and provide all your details. And keep your identity card (e.g., Aadhaar card) with you while coming for darshan. So that the Darshan Pass will not be misused. There is no facility for group booking through this, so each person has to book separately.

Vithal Rukmini Darshan Online Booking Free Pass

Pandharpur Darshan Pass Online Booking

The temple committee has the right to open or close the Darshan Pass facility. Online darshan passes are likely to be closed by the temple committee during the two Ekadashis of every month, important festivals, weekends, public holidays, and other peak times.

Vitthal Rukmini Darshan Pass is free for all devotees.

Pandharpur Darshan Time Slot

If the time slot is not generated while booking the pass, this service should be considered temporarily closed. At that time, darshan should be done traditionally only from the darshan queue.

Pandharpur Darshan Print Ticket

Lord Vitthal and Rukmini Temple Schedule of Daily Activities

Daily ActivitiesTimings
Opening of The Gate of Namdev Payari4:00 AM
Kakada Bhajan of Vitthal Rukmini4:30 AM
Nityapooja4:30 AM to 5:30 AM
Darshan Timings6:00 AM
Mahanaivedya11:00 AM
Poshakh4:30 PM
Dhoop Arati6:45 PM

The Schedule of Nityopchar

Nityopchar ScheduleTimings
Kakada Bhajan of Shri Vitthal and Rukmini and Nityapooja4:30 AM to 6:00 AM
Mahanaivedya11:00 AM to 11:15 AM
Poshakh4:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Dhoop Arati6:45 PM to 7:00 PM
Shej Arati11:30 PM to 12:00 PM
Shri Vitthal Rukmini Temple

Vitthal Rukmini Temple Darshan Timings

The opening and closing times of the Vitthal Rukmini Temple are given below.

Opening TimingsClosing Timings
6:00 AM to 11:00 AMClosed From 11:00 AM to 11:15 AM for Mahanaivedya
11:15 AM to 4:30 PMClosed From 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM for Poshakh
5:00 PM to 11:15 PMClosed During the Night After 11:45 PM

Also Read: Vitthal Rukmini Temple Timings

These timings change according to the festivals, yatras and ekadashi.

Pandharpur Kartiki Ekadashi 2024 Date

Pandharpur Kartik Ekadasi Yatra 2024 is on November 12.

Vitthal Rukmini Online Darshan Pass Booking Website


Pandharpur Vip Darshan Pass Online Booking

There is no separate Vip Darshan pass for Vitthal Rukmini Darshan.

Vitthal Rukmini Mandir Pandharpur Contact Details

AddressSant Tukaram Bhava (Near Vitthal Mandir Temple) Pandharpur
Contact02186–224466, 223550
Email ID[email protected]

Distance Between Major Cities and Pandharpur

Solapur to Pandharpur Via Mohal74 km
Kurduwadi to Pandharpur via Shetphal48 km
Pune to Pandharpur via Saswad, Jejuri, Phaltan and Malshiras210 km
Pune to Pandharpur via Bhigwan, Indapur and Tembhurni207 km
Mumbai to Pandharpur via Pune, Bhigwan, Indapur and Tembhurni357 km
Kolhapur to Pandharpur via Sangali, Sangola188 km
Nashik to Pandharpur via Sinnar, Sangamner, Nagar, Karmala and Tembhurni380 km
Nagar, Karmala, Tembhurni to Pandharpur125 km
Shirdi to Pandharpur via Rahuri, Nagar, Karmalaand and Tembhurni273 km
Aurangabad to Pandharpur via Nagar, Karmala and Tembhurni294 km
Nanded to Pandharpur via Latur, Osmanabad, Solapur and Mohal328 km
Tuljapur to Pandharpur via Solapur, Mohal113 km
Gangapur to Pandharpur via Akkalkot, Solapur and Mohal185 km
Shegaon to Pandharpur via Khamgaon, Jalana, Beed and Barshi475 km
Nagpur to Pandharpur via Akola, Khamgaon, Jalana, Beed and Barshi737 km
Bijapur to Pandhapur via Zalaki and Mangalwedha115 km
Hydrabad to Pandharpur via Umaraga, Solapur and Mohal370 km

How to Reach Vitthal Rukmini Temple Pandharpur

How to Reach Pandharpur
By Train

By Train

Pandharpur Railway Station is connected to Kruduwadi Junction in this junction, the main route for Southern Central Railway.

Pandharpur Railway Station
By Road

By Road

Pandharpur Bus Station is the nearest bus station to reach Vitthal Rukmini Temple.

Pandharpur Bus Station
By Air

By Air

The nearest airport to Pandharpur is Solapur Airport, 86 km away from the temple.


Accommodation Options in Pandharpur

YatraDham.org provides the best accommodation in Pandharpur. We provide Dharamshala, hotels, community hall and AC and non-AC rooms at your budget price. The details of the accommodation are given below.

Yd Logo

Shri Vitthal Rukmini Bhakta Nivas

Check-In: 24:00 Hours

Check-Out: 24:00 Hours

Yd Logo

Laxman Baug Devsthan

Check-In: 12:00 PM

Check-Out: 12:00 PM

Yd Logo

Shri Pandurang Bhavan

Check-In: 01:00 PM

Check-Out: 12:00 PM

Yd Logo

ISKCON Chandrabhaga Guest House

Check-In: 12:00 PM

Check-Out: 12:00 PM

General Information and Instructions Regarding Online Dashan Pass Booking

  1. To provide Mukdashan to 4800 devotees daily through the online dhashan pass booking system while maintaining the number of devotees.
  2. Online booking can be made in Mandar Samatiya Sanke Tathal and Mobile App One or Dashnaya Jati 8 days in advance and at least 1 day in advance.
  3. A team will go to Yamaye to confirm the date and time. Also, a printed pass in this regard can be taken for a discount.
  4. Under 10 and 65 years of age, as well as pregnant women, are not allowed to enter the temple as per the government rules.
  5. It should be noted that the Fat Mukhadshan of this Passwara will be paid. The pass is in the name of this yeti; only this yeti will be released in Dashanaranga. Aya Yetis, who is with Yaya, will not enter Vanapasoda.
  6. Bring your photo ID and the online pass while coming to Dashanasath.
  7. For devotees who have Dashanpas to wear Mak Pardhan.
  8. Maintain a gap of five feet between the two Bhavkams while walking in the darshan row.
  9. The use of sanitizer will be mandatory.
  10. Avoid pushing other Vatu in Dashanaranga.
  11. There should be informed consent from the Goat Mandar Committee for screening, pulse oximeter checks, standard checks, etc. that devotees who are affected by Corona should not be included in the queue.
  12. In the above investigations, it should be found that a customer is found to be in violation of the laid-down standards and cannot be treated as an Ayesha.
  13. These emotions include fever, cough, etc. Dashanasath will be denied to Lane Dasun Mayi. Devotees should not rub their eyes, nose or chin. Patients should avoid the bed of Dashanasath.
  14. Online Bakung Mandir Samatiya is available at www.vitthalrukminimandir.org.
  15. Devotees should note that this online booking will facilitate Fat Mukhadshan.
  16. Devotees will be released from Kasarghat (from the start of Kayawak) to check the Dashanasath within the time allowed on Mukhadshan Pass.
  17. It should be mentioned on the pass that devotees who come after the time will not be considered and they will not get Dashanamla.
  18. The online Dashan booking service is free.
  19. To provide a booking facility through an online screening system without making it available to the audience.
  20. Stamping is compulsory. It is mandatory to keep a distance of five feet between two houses.
  21. Mandar Samatis Sahakaya should be done.

ऑनलाईन दशन बुकंग पास बाबत सवसाधारण माहती व सुचना:-

1. भावकांची संया मयादत ठेवयाया टने ऑनलाईन दशन पास बुकंग पदतीने दैनंदन ४८००भावकांना ायोगत तवावर मुखदशन उपलध कन देणे. मंदर समतीया संके तथळ व मोबाईलअॅपवन य दशनाया जातीत जात 8 दवसाया व कमीत कमी 1 दवस अगोदर ऑनलाईनबुकंग करता येईल. यामये यांना तारख व वेळ निचत कन दल जाईल. तसेच याबाबतचाछापील पास भावकांना अपवन ंट कन घेता येईल ॅ .
2. १० वषाचे आतील व ६५ वषाचे वरल, तसेच गभवती महलांना ी’ चे दशनाकरता शासननयमानुसार मंदरात वेश देता येणार नाह
3. या पासवारे ीचे फत मुखदशन देयात येईल, याची नद यावी. पास या यतीया नावे आहे,याच यतीलाच दशनरांगेत सोडयात येईल. याया सोबत असलेया अय यतींना वनापाससोडयात येणार नाह.
4. दशनासाठ येताना ऑनलाईन पाससोबत वतःचे छायाच असलेले ओळखप सोबत ठे वणेबंधनकारक आहे.
5. दशनपास असलेया भावकांने माक परधाण करणे बंधनकारक आहे.
6. दशन रांगेमये चालत असताना दोन भावकांमये कमान पाच फुट अंतर ठे वणे बंधनकारक आहे.
7. सॅनटायझरचा वापर करणे बंधनकारक राहल.
8. दशनरांगेतील इतर वतूंना पश करणे टाळावे.
9. कोरोनाचा ादभाव असलेया भावकांचा समावेु श दशनरांगेमये होव नये या टने थमल ूिन ंग, पस ऑसीमीटर तपासणी, माक तपासणी इयाद गोट मंदर समतीकडून के याजातील याची नद यावी.
10. उपरोत तपासयांमये एखादा भावक निचत के लेया मानकांनसार बाधीत आढळ ु ून आयासयास दशन घेता येणार नाह याची नद यावी.
11. या भावकांमये ताप, खोकला, शका ं इ. लणे दसून येतील यांना दशनासाठ परवानगीनाकारयात येईल. भावकांनी आपया डोळयांना, नाकाला कंवा तडाला पश क नये. आजारयतींना दशनासाठ येयाचे शयतो टाळावे.
12. ऑनलाईन बकंग मंदर समतीया ु www.vitthalrukminimandir.org या संके तथळावर उपलध आहे.
13. या ऑनलाईन बुकंगवारे फत मुखदशन सुवधा ात होणार आहे याची भावकांनी नद यावी.
14. मुखदशन पासवर दलेया वेळेतच भावकांना कासारघाट (कायवाक ारंभापासून) येथून तपासणीकन दशनासाठ सोडयात येईल.
15. पासवर नमुद के लेया वेळेनंतर आलेया भावकांचा वचार करयात येणार नाह व यांना दशनमळणार नाह याची नद यावी.
16. ऑनलाईन दशन बुकंगची सेवा वनामुय आहे.
17. ीचे पदपश दशन भावकांना उपलध न करता ऑनलाईन दशन णालवारे बुकंग कनमुखदशन उपलध कन देणे.
18. माक परधाण करणे बंधनकारक आहे. दोन भावकांमये पाच फुट अंतर ठेवणे बंधनकारक आहे.
19. मंदर समतीस सहकाय करावे.

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8 months ago

how can i get online pass for darshan????

supriya deshmukh
supriya deshmukh
1 year ago

How can I get online pass for darshan

Vivek Navneet Chandankar
Vivek Navneet Chandankar
2 years ago

Can I get the pass for darshan on29/5/2022 as I wish to have a darshan on my wedding anniversary

ravi abhale
ravi abhale
2 years ago

not able to book the online pass….please suggest the option

2 years ago

Shaniwar 01/01/2022 cha darshan pass milel ka

Shrikant M.Garud
Shrikant M.Garud
2 years ago

Not open the link of E-Pass Darshan,Then How can we got the booking E-Pass ?

Sagar sudhakar jagtap
Sagar sudhakar jagtap
2 years ago


Asha Katruwar
Asha Katruwar
2 years ago

Hi I would like to book passes for darshan of vithal rukmini

meena chorghe
meena chorghe
2 years ago

Shaniwar cha darshan pass milel ka

Namdev Shingade
Namdev Shingade
2 years ago

darshan pass booking band aahe ka

Pratham Kumar Saxena, & Mrs.Mamta Saxena
Pratham Kumar Saxena, & Mrs.Mamta Saxena
2 years ago

Please book online Darshan for me & my wife – Mr.Pratham Kumar Saxena, Male, Age 62 years and my wife Mrs.Mamta Saxena, Female, age 60 years on a morning around 7.00 a.m. on 11.12.2021. Please confirm online reservation. Thanks

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