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Amarnath Yatra Temporarily Suspended : Why the Amarnath yatra will Close ?

Registration of pilgrims for Amarnath Yatra has been suspended temporarily by the shrine board on Thursday. Pilgrims anticipate to the annual Amarnath Yatra per annum . The 56-day Yatra to the three, 880-metre-high shrine is scheduled to start out from the dual routes of Pahalgam and Baltal on June 28 and culminate on August 22.

the evolving COVID situation within the country and therefore the got to take all necessary precautions, registration for Shri Amarnath ji Yatra is being temporarily suspended.

It further said that points is being constantly monitored and therefore the registration would be reopened once things improves.

Amarnath Shrine Board said the registration yatra would be reopened once the Covid situation recover.





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