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Gaurikund To Kedarnath Distance

Gaurikund is the last stop to reach via any transportation. Hence, Gaurikund to Kedarnath distance matters for everyone who is visiting the Kedarnath temple. Evidently, the Gaurikund to Kedarnath distance is 16 km. Usually, you will have three options to finish this trek:

  1. Walk
  2. Helicopter
  3. Horse or Palki

Let’s get you an idea of the Gaurikund to Kedarnath distance and which option will work best for you.

Gaurikund To Kedarnath Distance and Time

The starting point for people who travel to the Kedarnath shrine is Gaurikund. It is a little town situated 6502 feet above sea level. Gaurikund to Kedarnath distance and time is pretty simple to understand.

The distance from Gaurikund to Kedarnath is around 16 kilometres. It was once a 14-kilometer trip, but following the 2013 flood, the authorities created a new path, and it is now 16 km. Throughout the walk, there will be several places to stop.

To reach Kedarnath from Gaurikund via trek, it will take roughly 5 to 6 hours to finish the 16 km trek.

Here’s a breakdown of your picturesque and religiously satisfying Gaurikund to Kedarnath trek:

Gaurikund To Kedarnath Trek Distance & Halts

Gaurikund to Kedarnath Distance Route Map

The first stop is Jungle Chatti.

Jungle Chatti

By the Rambara bridge, it takes around 4 kilometres to travel from Gaurikund to Jungle Chatti. You may walk the 4 km distance or use the Pony and Palki services to complete the journey.


Then, it is a 3-kilometer hike from Jungle Chatti to BheemBali. you will find plenty of facilities in this way. It includes GMVN tents, free drinking water, free restrooms and free wifi.


The next step is a 4-mile walk from Bheembali to Linchauli. You’ll get a soul-satisfying vista of the highlands where the Mandakini River originates. Medical facilities are also accessible, along with private and GMVN tents.

Kedarnath Base Camp

Next, it is around 4 kilometres from Linchauli to the Kedarnath base camp. Along the route, there are several glaciers and eye-catching panoramas.

Kedarnath Temple

The distance is 1 kilometre from Kedarnath Base Camp to Kedarnath Temple. You will find the GMVN camp in this Base Camp and reservations may be made there via their official website.

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Kedarnath Temple

However, there are a total of 10 checkpoints or halt points in the 16-km trek to Kedarnath from Gaurikund

  • Gaurikund
  • Jungle Chatti
  • Bheembali
  • Rambara
  • Chhota Lincholi
  • Lincholi
  • Chhani Camp
  • Rudra Point
  • Base Camp
  • Kedarnath Temple

Places To Stay in Gaurikund and Kedarnath

There are various accommodation options available in Gaurikund and Kedarnath at affordable prices. Check and book your best stay for your Kedarnath Yatra.

Kedarnath Packages

Get the best Kedarnath and Chardham Yatra package at a budget price with complete amenities including transportation, sightseeing and meals.

Gaurikund To Kedarnath Distance By Walk

The Gaurikund to Kedarnath distance by the trek is 16 km. This trek usually takes 6 to 8 hours. The Gaurikund to Kedarnath Trek timing depends on your physical fitness and the weather.  

The trek remains closed in the nighttime. Hence, the last upcoming time (to reach Kedarnath) is 5 PM. The downcoming time(back to Gaurikund) is 6.30 PM.

gaurikund to kedarnath trek halts

Since 2016, there have been two other trek routes available for Kedarnath. Hence, if you do not want to travel the Gaurikund to Kedarnath route via Bambara or Linchauli, you can go instead:

You can begin from Chaumasi to Kham and go to Kedarnath via Rambara. This trek is around 18 km long.

You may alternatively begin your walk from Trijuginarayan. Which is around 15 km from Kedarnath.

How Difficult Is Char Dham Yatra?

Gaurikund to Kedarnath Walking Time

The Gaurikund to Kedarnath trek’s walking time is roughly 6 to 8 hours. Here is a quick breakdown of the distances:

Facilities On The Gaurikund To Kedarnath Trek:

  • Medical and first aid
  • Hospital where ECG can be done
  • Tea/coffee shops
  • Resting places
  • Night stay and accommodations options
  • Restaurants

The Best Char Dham Route Map Created By YatraDham.Org Team. Save it for future reference during the Char Dham Yatra

The best char dham route map

Which Char Dham To Do First?

Gaurikund to Kedarnath Distance By Helicopter

To reach Kedarnath by helicopter, you need to reach Phata helipad. Phata is merely 18 km from Gaurikund. You can hire a taxi to reach Phata from Gaurikund. The helicopter ride takes 5 to 7 minutes to reach Kedarnath from Phata.

Click here to learn more about the Char Dham (Kedarnath) Yatra By Helicopter

If you are planning to visit the Kedarnath shrine soon, we hope this information will be helpful. Let us know in the comment section if you have any questions regarding the Char Dham Yatra.

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Jay Kedar!


1. How much time does it take from Gaurikund to Kedarnath?

By walking, it takes around 6 to 8 hours to reach from Gaurikund to Kedarnath. The Gaurikund to Kedarnath distance is 16 km. If you take a helicopter from Phata (18 km from Gaurikund), it will take just 5 to 7 minutes to reach Kedarnath.

2. How can I reach Kedarnath from Gaurikund?

You can either walk, take Pony or Palki rides, or hire a helicopter to reach the Kedarnath temple from Gaurikund.

3. Is it possible to stay overnight at Kedarnath?

Yes, you can and should stay overnight in Kedarnath. This will give you a chance to witness the beauty of this age-old temple at night time. Moreover, you can also take part in the evening and early morning aarti. Click here to check the list of Best Hotels And Ashrams in Kedarnath.

4. How many kilometres from Kedarnath to Gaurikund?

Gaurikund to Kedarnath distance is 16 km.

5. What is Gaurikund to Kedarnath’s helicopter price?

You can book a helicopter ride to Kedarnath from Phata. Phata helipad is just 18 km from Gaurikund. You can hire a taxi to get there. Click here to know the pricing of the Kedarnath helicopter service.

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