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How Did Krishna Die and Who Killed Lord Krishna? Curse Story & Dates

Reasons Behind Lord Krishna’s Death

According to the Mahabharata, in the Kurukshetra War, hundreds of Gandhari sons died. On the night before the death of Duryodhana, Krishna went to meet Gandhari to offer sympathie. Gandhari thought that Krishna intentionally did not end the war.

The Story of The Gandhari’s Curse

Gandhari cursed (Shraap) Shri Krishna by saying that, because of your dishonest approaches, I lost my 100 children. So, she cursed him by saying that there would be no peace, prosperity or progress in his kingdom. You would experience the same pain of losing his entire dynasty as she did and she further said that after 36 years, Krishna will die along with every member of the Yaduvansi.

How Krishna Died and Who Killed Krishna Gandhari's Curse

Krishna himself knew and wanted this to happen, as he felt that the Yadavas had become very arrogant (adharmi), so he ended Gandhari’s Curse by saying “Tathastu” (so be it).

How Did Krishna Die?

Thirty-six years later, one day, the Yadavas were celebrating a festival. During the festival, a dispute started out between the Yadavaas over who was the most powerful warrior. The dispute soon turned into a fight and the Yadavas started to kill each other. Lord Krishna tried to stop the fight, but he couldn’t stop.

The Yadavas continued to kill each other until they were all dead. After that, Krishna went into the dense forest and started meditating under the pipal tree with his left leg over his right leg. 

Who Killed Krishna?

A Pardhi (hunter) named Jara was hunting the deer while Lord Krishna was resting in the forest under the pipal tree. That hunter misunderstood the moving foot of Krishna as a hidden deer and shot a deadly arrow. That arrow of Pardhi hit the bottom of Lord Krishnaji’s left foot.

As soon as Pardhi came closer to catch the deer, he saw that it was not a deer, But “Pitambar Dhari Lord Krishna.” He realised his mistake and prayed to the Lord Krishna for forgiveness.

Then Lord Shri Krishna gave him comfort and said, “Whatever has happened has happened as per my wish.” The incident is believed to have happened in Bhalka, close to the Somnath temple.

Krishna says that in his previous birth as Rama in the Treta Yuga, Rama killed Vali (Sugriva’s brother) from behind. So, he has now reaped the cost of the same through Jara, who was King Vali at his previous birth.

This story beautifully brings out the very important fact that, even for the Ruler of the Universe, the laws of Karma remain the same.

Hence, Lord Krishna left the mortal world. The time from which Lord Krishna died is considered to be the beginning of Kaliyuga.

How Krishna Died and Who Killed Krishna Dwarka

And just after 7 days, the death of Krishna the Dwarka got flooded.

At What Age Did Krishna Die?

Here are the details of Lord Krishna’s birth and death dates and much more.

Lord KrishnaDate and Time
Born OnJuly 21, 3228 BCE

> Month: Shravan
> Day: Ashtami
> Nakshatra: Rohini
> Day: Wednesday
> Time: 12:00 AM
Died onFebruary 18, 3102 BCE

For 125 years, 8 months and 7 days, Shri Krishna lived.

When Did Krishna Die?

Lord Krishna died 36 years after the Kurukshetra War, on February 18, 3102 BCE.

Krishna was 89 years old. When the mega-war in Kurukshetra took place.

When Did The Kurukshetra War Happen?

The Kurukshetra War began on Mrigashira Shukla Ekadashi, BC 3139.

Kurukshetra WarTime and Date
Start On8 December, 3139 BC
Ended On25 December, 3139 BC

5 Famous Lord Krishna Temples

Here is the list of 5 famous temples of Lord Krishna.

1. At What Age Did Krishna Die?

Krishna was 89 years old. The mega-war in Kurukshetra took place. He died after 36 years of the Kurukshetra war.

3. What happened to Krishna’s body after death?

Lord Krishna’s body too turned into ashes(Rakh), but his heart, still kept burning.

2. What were Krishna’s last words?

It is not your fault; it was supposed to happen. Krishna said to Jara in a kind voice. These are the ways of destiny.

4. Where is Krishna’s heart kept?

It is believed that Krishna’s heart was placed at Jagannath Temple Puri.

5. What happens after Shri Krishna’s death?

Dwaraka got submerged under the sea and Devi Rukmani performed Sati.

6. What Krishna said to Jara?

Krishna told Jara, “O Jara, you were Vali in your previous birth, killed by myself as Rama in Treta Yuga.

7. Who is Jara, who killed Krishna?

Jara is a Pardhi (hunter) who killed Lord Krishna.

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