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How Krishna Died and Who Killed the Krishna ? | Story, Dates, Curse, Dwarka

Reason Behind Lord Krishna’s Death

After the great war of Kurukshetra which nearly destroyed humankind and humanity alike. The war has come to end, Pandavas were not enjoying their win instead were very sad at the destruction that war has caused.

After the war, Pandavas and Krishna walk to Gandhari and Dhritarashtra to offer their respect and apologies. Gandhari was extremely angry that she ignored the Pandavas and came directly to Lord Krishna and shouted at him. Whether or not he should have to stop this war with the divine will and power. She also added that in spite of praying him daily, he did not keep her 100 sons safe.

With the anger, she cursed Krishna that he will die in 36 years from now, may Dwarka be flooded and may all your Yadav’ die out killing each other.

This became the reason for the Death of Lord Krishna and the destruction of the Yadav’s.

How did Krishna die?

Krishna started thinking about the ways and means to leave this body. He remembered the words of Rishi Durvasa.

Once, as per the wish of saint Durvasa, he applied Payasam, a liquid food prepared with milk, sugar, and rice throughout his body.

He could not apply is legs as his legs were resting on the ground.  Durvasa observed it and said: “Krishna! You have not applied Payasam to my foot. Your death is in your foot.”

Krishna laid down under a tree and went into Yoga Samadhi (dhyana or meditation). At that time a hunter Jara enters the forest.

Who Killed Krishna?

Jara the hunter was hunting the deer, while the lord Krishna was resting in the forest. That hunter misunderstood the moving foot of Krishna as a hidden deer and shot a lethal arrow that pierced into Krishna’s feet.

As soon as the hunter reached Krishna, he realized his mistake and prayed the Lord for forgiveness. Lord Krishna consoles him and tells him how his death was inevitable.

Krishna says that in his previous birth as Rama in the Treta Yuga, Rama killed Vali (Sugriva’s brother) from behind. So, he has now reaped the price for the same through Jara who was king Vaali in his previous birth.

This story beautifully brings out the very important fact that, even for the Ruler of the Universe, the laws of Karma remain the same.

Hence, Lord Krishna left the mortal world. The time from which Lord Krishna died is considered to be the beginning of Kaliyuga.

And just after 7 days, the death of Krishna the Dwarka got flooded.


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Aadya C.
Aadya C.
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nice info… really helped… thankful.

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