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Kartaki Poonam – Giriraj Shatrunjay is officially open

“Ek jain mate toh Palitana j che,
Prithvi parnu tenu moksh,
Bus, Rishabhdev na tya darshan kari pavitra bane,
Aavuj kaik rahelu tenu laksh! “

Yea! For the Jains, the mountain range of Palitana is no less than the heaven on earth! “Shatrunjay” itself means the place of victory..where you are sure to be victored and fight tour inner darkness here at the 3750 step stone structure that has turned into the mountains.

Every Kartikey Poonam (mostly in October / November) there’s this religious fest that starts the divine rally at 4:30 am in the morning with the loud shouts of “Jai jinendra” and “Jay Aadeshwar”. And this is your chance to see the large crowd that dives itself into the feel of the Lord!

There’s ease and comfort for the lodgings and the food facilities along with the facilities of providing boiled water, being with the medical and social services!

And trust me when I say, you’re missing a are actually cutting out the “bhakto ni adamya bhakti jovano lahvo “! You’ll have an awesome time at a single visit! So, What are you waiting for?
Click on attend let your journey be destined to the One!

Shubh Yatra!

Urja Parekh
A hello to the spectators! This is Urja Gaurav Parekh! Your virtual guide to make yourself more divine and make yourself feel more blessed! I'm pursuing my Computer engineering and yes..I needn't say I'm into a lot of reading,writing and I'm a string believer in the fact that one musn't let oneself hide! Express your feelings and stay light! I writs to feel free. .I write to feel loved,I write to feel connected to an unknown world of literature! May it be in any form..poems,lyrics or a an anecdote! Well then !Make a move. Stay enthusiastic. Stay happy and stay divine! You can also mail me at : [email protected] adieu!

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