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Navkhanda Parshwanath Tirth – Ghogha

“When in need of utter peace, Utter the Parshwa’s name.”

The Lord of the extremely powerful yet effective “Uvvasaggarah Strotra” is the Parshwanath, the one who brings your wishes and prayers to reality!

And here’s the other place that houses his holy idol. The history dates back 2000 years when some Evil minds broke the complete idol into 9 parts, tied them into a cloth bag and the it right into the well of Bapesara (Bhavnagar).

But as the Lord wishes, the dream of this pieces into the well came to a devotee and he thus, acknowledge about the hidden idol! As per the dream, the pieces were meant to be back into a single idol and be one complete structure within 9 days, and IT DID HAPPEN!

If this miracle happened, why don’t we let the miracles of our life unfold and let this divine shrine’s blessing be showered on us?

“Vichaar ne thodok thobho, Parshwa na charane jhuko, muki badho man-mobho!”

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