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Kukke Subramanya Temple – Darshan, Pooja Timings, History & Online Booking

Below you can find all the details of Kukke Subramanya Temple online booking, temple timings, information about the temple, and more…

Kukke Subramanya Temple open from 5th July

Kuke Subramanya Temple Reopen from 5th July 2021 Post Lockdown.

Dharamshala and Hotels are open as per Government Rules. You Can Book Your Stay with us.

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Kukke Subramanya Temple Online Booking

For online Booking at Kukke Subramanya Temple  visit

Face Masks are compulsory for every visitor. 

Use of Hand Sanitizer is compulsory before entering the temple. Body temperature check with a thermal screening machine is available. 

Kukke Subramanya Temple – Abode of the Lord of Serpents

Kukke Subramanya Temple, dedicated to Kartik Swamy as Subramanya, the Lord of all Serpents is located in the picturesque village of Subramanya, Karnataka. The temple is situated on the slopes of the Western Ghats, with Kumara Parvat in front and Shesh Parvat on one side. It seems the two mountains are protecting the shrine. The entire surrounding area is covered with dense forests and greenery. The Kumaradhara river flows nearby.

Vasuki – King of serpents

The story of Kukke Subramanya first takes us back to the time when Vasuki – the King of Serpents on earth was in deep trouble. He and his subjects were relentlessly attacked by Garuda, the Divine Bird. Vasuki was hiding in a cave known as Biladvara. Rishi Kashyap advised Vasuki to pray to Lord Shiva for protection. Vasuki did as advised and after many years of penance Lord Shiva appeared and blessed Vasuki. Lord Shiva asked Vasuki to remain here and said His son Kartik Swamy will come in the next age. Vasuki would receive blessings and protection from Kartik Swamy and would be forever free from danger. Gratified and relieved, Vasuki waited for the day to come.

How Kartik Swamy came to this part of the world

Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati lived on Mount Kailash along with Karti Swamy, Ganesh Ji, Nandi, and their Ganas. One day Narada Muni came to visit and brought with him the Fruit of Knowledge (Gyana Phalam). Lord Shiva decided to divide the fruit between His two sons, but the fruit was not to be cut. So Lord Shiva said the fruit would be given to the one who first goes around the world three times. Kartik Swamy immediately set off on His peacock. while Ganesh Ji simply went around Lord Shiva and Parvati Mata as He considered them His world. Lord Shiva was very pleased with the wisdom used by Ganesh Ji and gave Him the fruit. Kartik Swamy returned after circling the world thrice and was disappointed to find out the fruit had already been given to Ganesh Ji. He decided to leave Mount and live the life of an ascetic somewhere else. That place was Palani and was the first abode of Murugan as He is known here. Kartik Swamy was to have five more abodes in this area.

Kartik Swamy, also known as Murugan and Shanmukham was the Senapati of the Devas army. At this time a powerful demon named Tarkasura was causing great trouble for the Devas who were not able to defeat him. So the Devas called upon Karik Swamy to help. Kartik Swamy battled with Tarkasura and killed him. A grateful Indra Dev asked Kartik Swamy to marry His daughter Devasena, and Kartik Swamy agreed. The wedding took place in Kumara Parvat with all the Devas, Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh in attendance. It was at this time Vasuki was blessed by Kartik Swamy and assured of protection. Vasuki is considered the ‘Param Bhakta’ of Kukke Subramanya and puja offered to Vasuki is equal to offering it to Shri Subramanya.

A 5000 Years old Temple

Although Kukke Subramanya Temple has been a pilgrimage from the earlier Yugas, the present temple is believed to have been in existence for 5000 years. This site was earlier known as Kukkepura and Kukke Pattana. Devotees first cross the Kumaradhara river, bathe in its waters and then only enter the temple. The main door of the temple faces East but devotees enter from the backside door which faces west. They first encounter a large pillar covered with silver known as Garuda Stambh which is said to protect them from the poisonous and fiery breath of Vasuki who resides below the pillar. After crossing two halls, devotees enter the sanctum. Lord Subramanaya can be seen on a platform in the center of the sanctum. A little below Lord Subramanya are Murtis of Vasuki and Sheshnag. In one corner of the sanctum are a group of Shivlings known as Kukke Lings. On one side is a shrine dedicated to Bhairava. Shrines dedicated to Uma-Maheshwar, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh, Ambika Devi, and Surya Dev are also placed in the sanctum. 

Sarpa Dosha and Ashlesha Bali Pujas

Kukke Subramanya temple is most well known for the rituals and pujas connected to Sarpa Samskara or Sarpa Dosha and Ashlesha Bali. Those with these Doshas (inauspicious signs) in their horoscopes come to Kukke Subramanya Temple for rectification and relief. The rituals and puja can be done with the help of priests. Ashlesha Bali puja is done during the Ashlesha Nakshatra each month while Sarpa Dosha puja is done on all days. The months of Shravan, Kartik, and Margshirsh are particularly favored for these pujas. 

A Divine Aura around Kumara Parvat 

The area that is called Kumara Parvat and the Kumaradhara river flowing from the mountain has been the choice of Kartik Swamy to have His six abodes. This area has also been the preferred place to meditate and perform penances by countless Rishis and Munis over the ages. It is believed Lord Parshuram bathed in the waters of the Kumaradhara river to wash off His sins of killing Kshatriyas. Adi Shankaracharya has lived here for some time and composed hymns.

Kukke Subramanya Temple and Darshan Timings 

07:00 AM TO 01:00 PM

03:00 PM TO 08:00 PM

Pooja Timing

06:00 AM to 07:00 AM

11:00 AM to  12 Noon

07:00 PM to 07:45 PM

Kukke Subramanya Online Booking

Click here for kukke Subramanya online booking.

Where to stay

The temple authorities provide rooms at various guest houses near the temple. Hotels and other options nearby are also available. 

Accommodation Option in Subrahmanya

How to Reach Kukke Subramanya Temple

The nearest railway station is Subrahmanya Road Railway Station, about 7 km from Kukke Subramanya Temple.

Mangalore Airport is the nearest airport and is about 110 km from Kukke Subramanya Temple.

Distances from Kukke Subramanya Temple

  • Dharmasthala – 54 km
  • Mangalore – 106 km 
  • Mysore – 170 km
  • Bangalore – 281 km 
  • Coimbatore – 370 km

Kukke Subramanya Temple Images

Click here for Kukke Subramanya Temple images.

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