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Lockdown: River Ganga Water is ‘Fit for Drinking’ after decades

River Ganga Water is ‘Fit for Drinking’ after decades, all thanks to Lockdown

The water of River Ganga in Haridwar has been declared ‘Fir for Drinking’ after ages. River Ganga is truly healing during these tough times of lockdown.

The holy river of Ganga has been a big part of human activities. Thousands of people take bath in the holy river every day. The factories discharge their emissions in the Ganga river daily. And to your surprise, due to all these activities, the water of the river Ganga is even unfit for taking a bath. 

Yes, forget about drinking, the water of River Ganga was even unfit for taking a Bath.

Water samples from Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar have been tested by Uttarakhand Pollution Board recently. The results show that water is fit for drinking after chlorination. Note that this is happening the first time in decades.


Lockdown Impact – Clean River Ganga


The report shows a reduction of 34% in fecal coliform(a kind of bacteria). And a 20% reduction in biological oxygen.

Har ki Pauri was ranked Class A for the first time in recent history. The water of Har ki Pauri has been Class B since the year 2000.

The water quality of Ganga is also improved in Kanpur and Devprayag.

However, this is the best time to learn lessons from this situation. We should be mindful of nature and not take it for granted. It is possible that the Ganga water go back to worse once lockdown is over.

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