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Niwasini Jagdamba Mandir | Three and a Half Shaktipeeths of Maharashtra

About Renuka Mata Mandir

Shri Renuka Mata Mandir in Mahurgad is one of the three and a half Shaktipeeths of Maharashtra. Renuka Mata was the mother of the great Rishi – Parshuram, an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Renuka Mata was the wife of Rishi Jamadagni. The temple is located on one of the three hills in Mahurgad. This is an ancient pilgrimage and the temple as seen today was first built in the 12th century CE and renovated a number of times. Explore Niwasini Jagdamba Mandir

Lord Parshuram’s obedience

Sage Jamadagni had five sons, Lord Parshuram was one of them. The Sage was displeased with his wife Renuka Devi for some reason and he asked his sons to cut off her head. The first four brothers did not obey but Lord Parshuram obeyed and cut off Renuka Mata’s head. Sage Jamadagni was very pleased and granted a boon. Lord Parshuram asked for Renuka Mata’s life to be restored. In the temple, only the head of Renuka Mata can be seen.

Niwasini Jagdamba Mandir Temple Timings

6:00 AM to 8:00 PM


How to reach Mahurgad

The nearest railway station is Nanded, about 125 km from the temple.

The nearest airport is Nanded Airport, about 120km from the temple.

Stay in Mahurgad

Jagdamba Bhakta Niwas is a good option to stay in Mahurgad. Check Dharamshala in Mahurgad Conveniently located near the bus stand and temples to visit, it provides comfortable and affordable rooms. Bookings can be done on the YatraDham.Org website.

Places to visit in Mahurgad

  • Dattatreya Temple
  • Anusuya Mata temple
  • Devdeveshwar temple
  • Mahurgad fort
  • Pandavleni Caves

Distances from Mahurgad

  • Nanded – 127 km
  • Nagpur – 228 km
  • Aurangabad – 319 km
  • Hyderabad – 355 km
  • Nashik – 514 kmBest Dharamshala BookingYatraDham.Org
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