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Shiddhivinayak Temple – Shuts its door due to Corona Virus

Siddhivinayak Temple Closed For Safety Against Desperate Corona Virus

An official announcement by the Siddhivinayak Temple board was taken after seeing the desperate situation created by the Corona Virus. Temple will remain close until further notice, they said.
The decision was taken to avoid the crowd and stop the spreading of the virus for the safety of the Devotees.

Siddhivinayak Temple

A famous Shrine of Lord Ganesh in Mumbai has closed its door officially. In avoidance of the virus from spreading. Due to a large crowd gather daily to the temple it was likely to spread in large numbers. And for that, they have to take this decision.

“One knows how a lot of the people are being affected by the Corona Virus” comments the Aadesh Bandekar, trustee of the temple.

Chief Minister of Maharashtra has appeal to people to avoid crowded places. And discourage the formation of a crowd. Thousands of people come to visit the temple every day due to which it becomes more dangerous.

As the Virus spread extremely fast in a crowded area. The temple board and Uddhav Thackeray dedicated to keeping close the temples. And other tourist places in Maharashtra.

A good side from the medical department of the temple, they said, they will be functioning to help the patients.

Siddhivinayak temple is one of the latest temples. And also one of the important temples of India. Temple committee has responded to this issue. And showed the support fight against the Virus.

Over last week many important temples like Shirdi Sai Baba temple and Kerala Subrimala temple have asked the devotees not to visit the temples. And they have also canceled other events of the temples until further notice.

This type of decision can help us to fight and stop spreading the Corona Virus.

For the list of the temples which are been closed and their opening dates due to Corona Virus Click Here.

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“Keep Social Distance and Avoid Crowd Places”

 “Stay Safe and  Stay Healthy”


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