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Tulsi Vivah Date, Story & Significance

Tulsi Vivah is a popular festival celebrated all over India. The marriage of the god Vishnu and the holy plant Tulsi occurs during the Shukla Paksha Dwitiya of Kartik Month, which falls in November–December.

According to the Hindu religion, the Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) is a religious plant. Tulsi is a religious plant people plant at the house’s entrance to bring good fortune and positive energy. People believed that no house was complete without planting a Tulsi in their house.

Tulsi Vivah Date and Time 2023

Tulsi Vivah 2023: Friday, November 24

Tulsi Vivah 2023Date and Time
Dwadashi Tithi startsNovember 23, 2023, at 09:01 p.m.
Dwadashi Tithi EndNovember 24, 2023, at 07:06 p.m.
The Good Time For Tulsi VivahNovember 24, 2023 from 1:54 p.m. to 2:38 p.m.

Shubh Muhurat For Tulsi Vivah

Abhijit Muhurat11:33 AM to 12:31 PM
Vijaya Muhurat02:08 PM to 03:07 PM

Puja Vidhi For Tulsi Vivah

  1. Wake up early in the morning and take a bath. Wear clean clothes and decorate the puja place with beautiful rangoli.
  2. Using four sugarcane or banana shoots, make a square shape and prepare the mandap.
  3. Take a Kalash and fill it with water. Put some coins and some rice in it and place mango leaves on the mouth of the Kalash, rotate the Kalawa around it and cover it with coconut.
  4. Put the Tulsi plant on a platform and place a Shaligram (a holy stone representing Lord Vishnu) next to it.
  5. Join the Shaligram and Tulsi plants together and decorate them as bride and groom.
  6. Offer turmeric and kumkum to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Tulsi.
  7. Offer Janeu and Kalava to Lord Vishnu while offering Chunari and makeup items to Goddess Tulsi.
  8. Take two wreaths of flowers and touch them with Lord Vishnu and Goddess Tulsi wear the second wreath of flowers and perform the groom garland ritual in this formal marriage.
  9. Perform Aarti for Lord Vishnu and offer him Tulsi leaves.
  10. While doing Kanyadaan, offer some Dakshina and Akshat to Lord Vishnu.
  11. Offer Prasad to Lord Vishnu and Tulsi.

On the day of Tulsi Vivah, people keep a fast and worship Lord Vishnu. The Tulsi plant is specially worshipped on this day. Consuming Tulsi leaves on this day has many benefits.

People prepare a variety of dishes on the day of Tulsi Vivah. Sugarcane, sweet potatoes, laddoos, and other sweets are offered as prasad on this day.

Tulsi Vivah Story 

The story behind Tulsi Vivah is about the demon who was raised from Lord Shiva’s temper and became an enemy with all the deities. Later, he got married to Vrinda as his Guru told him to marry because Vrinda was a loyal woman and a passionate devotee to Lord Vishnu.

Tulsi Vivah Date, Story & Significance

After Jhalandar married Vrinda, he became impossible to kill, and every deity failed to kill him. After some time Vrinda decided to conduct a Yagna (Puja) for the long life of her husband Jalandhar, Lord Vishnu knew that if she got successful at this puja then killing Jalandhar would be impossible for all of them. So Lord Vishnu decided to go in Jalandhar’s disguise and then destroyed her Puja.

When Vrinda comes to know that he is not his husband but Lord Vishnu, she curses Vishnu that he would change into stone which is now worshipped as shaligram. After Goddess Laxmi came to know that she went to Vrinda and requested her to please take her curse back, Vrinda was too kind and she finally relieved Lord Vishnu but she ended her own life. 

Because of her true devotion towards him, Vishnu blessed her that she would be alive forever in the form of the plant (Tulsi) and Lord Vishnu would marry her in the form of shaligram, and without Tulsi, his Puja would be incomplete since then Tulsi Vivah with shaligram is celebrated in Hindu religious among the world.

Tulsi Vivah Significance 

Devotees of Lord Vishnu celebrate this on a grand level, as Tulsi Vivah holds great significance among Hindus and they celebrate with enthusiasm and excitement. It is conducted the same as a wedding ceremony of any person. Temples are decorated with lights and lit up with diyas and also many temples organize kirtan and bhajans on that day.

Hindu people believe that couples who don’t have a child by fasting on that day and completing every ritual of Tulsi Vivah would be blessings for them to have a child. 

So this was the information for Tulsi Vivah let us know if you all are celebrating in your houses.

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