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Accommodation in Mount Abu | Dharamshala, Guest House, Online Booking

Mount Abu is a popular hill station. The mountain forms a distinct rocky plateau. The highest peak on the mountain is Guru Shikhar. It is referred to as ‘an oasis in the desert. Its heights are home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and evergreen forests. It has been a popular retreat from the heat of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1960.

 1. Muktajivan Swamibapa Sevashram Dharamshala, Mount Abu

Address  -Near Kama Hotel, Addhar Devi Rd, Mount Abu, Rajasthan – 307501

Muktajivan Swamibapa Sevashram Dharamshala is located near the sight-seeing places of Mount Abu. Abu Railway station is 28.3 Km and Udaipur Airport is 177 Km from Dharamshala. The bus depot is at a walkable distance.

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Distance from tourist destination

  1. Ambaji temple – 54.8 Km
  2. Man Sarovar – 190 Km
  3. Nakki Lake – 1.4 Km
  4. Dilwara temple – 2.2 Km
  5. Honeymoon Point – 2.1 Km
  6. Raghunath Temple – 1.8 Km
  7. Achalgarh Fort – 9.2 Km
  8. Trevor’s Tank – 4.1 Km
  9. Swaminarayan Temple – 290 meters
  10. Guru Shikar – 14.8 Km

Facilities available

  • Attached Toilet
  • Filter Water
  • Hot Water (Morning – 6 AM to 8 AM)
  • Lift

Reasons to consider

  • Food facility.
  • Parking available.
  • A wardrobe is available in the room itself.
  • Muktajivan Swamibapa Sevashram Dharamshala is a newly built Bhavan.
  • Dharamshala is clean.
  • The rooms are spacious.
  • It is located near Nakki Lake, so it has a beautiful view.
  • One can easily reach all the tourist places.

2. Seth Shri Raghunath Das Parihar Inn (SRP INN), Mount Abu

Address – Shikhar Hotel Road, Behind Petrol Pump, Ambedkar Colony, Kumarwada, Mount Abu, Rajasthan – 307501

Seth Shri Raghunath Das Parihar Inn (SRP INN) is located at a walkable from the bus stand. Abu Railway station is 26.6 Km and Udaipur Airport is 176 Km from Dharamshala.

Distance from tourist destination

  1. Ambaji temple – 53.1 Km
  2. Man Sarovar – 188 Km
  3. Nakki Lake – 1.3 Km
  4. Dilwara temple – 3.7 Km
  5. Honeymoon Point – 3.1 Km
  6. Raghunath Temple – 1.8 Km
  7. Achalgarh Fort – 10.7 Km
  8. Trevor’s Tank – 5.6 Km
  9. Swaminarayan Temple – 2.2 Km
  10. Guru Shikar – 16.3 Km

Facilities available

  • Attached Toilet
  • Filter Water
  • Canteen
  • Hot Water (06 AM to 01 PM)

Reasons to consider

  • Parking available
  • Food facility
  • Dharamshala is well maintained.
  • The rooms are clean.
  • Seth Shri Raghunath Das Parihar Inn (SRP INN) is spacious.
  • Guests can reach all the tourist places easily from the SRP INN.

Dharamshalas near Mount Abu at Abu Road

 3. Shree Padmavati Parshwanath Jain Tirth, Abu Road

Address  – Padmavati Nagar, Manpur, Abu Road, Rajasthan – 307026

Shree Padmavati Parshwanath Jain Tirth has all the basic facilities along with delicious food. Abu Railway station is 2.8 Km and Bus depot is 2.3 Km from Dharamshala. Udaipur Airport is at a distance of 163 Km.

Distance from tourist destination

  1. Ambaji temple – 29.3 Km
  2. Man Sarovar – 164 Km
  3. Nakki Lake – 24.7 Km
  4. Dilwara temple – 26.3 Km
  5. Honeymoon Point – 26.4 Km
  6. Raghunath Temple – 25.3 Km
  7. Achalgarh Fort – 33.3 Km
  8. Trevor’s Tank – 28.2 Km
  9. Swaminarayan Temple – 25.7 Km
  10. Guru Shikar – 38.9 Km

Facilities available

  • Filtered water is provided by the Dharamshala.
  • Attached Let-Bath

Reasons to consider

  • Food facility
  • Parking available
  • It has good accommodation.
  • Dharamshala consists of all basic facilities.
  • Yatri can enjoy a peaceful stay here.

4. Shree Abu Taleti Jain Tirth, Abu Road

 Address – Padmavati Nagar, National Highway, Manpur, Abu Road, Rajasthan – 307026

Shree Abu Taleti Jain Tirth is a well-maintained Dharamshala with all the basic facilities. Abu Railway station is 2.9 Km and the nearest Bus depot is 2.4 Km from Dharamshala. Udaipur Airport is 165 Km away.

Distance from tourist destination

  1. Ambaji temple – 29.4 Km
  2. Man Sarovar – 165 Km
  3. Nakki Lake – 24.9 Km
  4. Dilwara temple – 26.4 Km
  5. Honeymoon Point – 26.6 Km
  6. Raghunath Temple – 25.4 Km
  7. Achalgarh Fort – 33.4 Km
  8. Trevor’s Tank – 28.4 Km
  9. Swaminarayan Temple – 25.7 Km
  10. Guru Shikar – 39.1 Km

Facilities available

  • Filtered Water
  • Open Ground
  • PlayGround
  • CCTV

Reasons to consider

  • Shree Abu Taleti Jain Tirth Dharamshala is well maintained.
  • Well connected to the road.
  • Transportation and bus services are easily available here.
  • Parking available.
  • Food facility.

5. Sai Yatridham, Abu Road

Address – Near Big Pool, Sai Mandir, Abu Road, Rajasthan – 307026

Sai Yatradham is well-connected to the road, so transportation is easily available. Abu Railway station is 2.1 Km and the nearest Bus depot is 1.4 Km from Dharamshala. Udaipur Airport has located at 162 Km.

Distance from tourist destination

  1. Ambaji temple – 26.9 Km
  2. Man Sarovar – 164 Km
  3. Nakki Lake – 25.9 Km
  4. Dilwara temple – 27.5 Km
  5. Honeymoon Point – 27.6 Km
  6. Raghunath Temple – 26.5 Km
  7. Achalgarh Fort – 34.5 Km
  8. Trevor’s Tank – 29.4 Km
  9. Swaminarayan Temple – 26.7 Km
  10. Guru Shikar – 40.1 Km

Facilities available

  • Hot Water(Outside the room-chargeable)
  • Filtered Water
  • Attached Lat-Bath
  • CCTV

Reasons to consider

  • Sai Yatri Dham is well maintained.
  • Dharamshala is well connected to the road.
  • Transportation and bus services are easily available here.
  • It is ideal for family and group accommodation.

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How to travel to Mount Abu?

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Mount Abu is Abu Road. It is a mere 28 Km from the main city. The railway station is well connected by rail routes to New Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur. The Abu Road railhead lies on the long Delhi-Ahmedabad railway line. State transport buses usually run frequently every hour. Taxi on a private and sharing basis are easily available.

By Road

The best way to reach Abu is by road. Rajasthan State Transport Corporation buses operate from nearby cities to Mount Abu. Also, there are a number of state transport buses and private buses that ply regularly to Mount Abu. You can opt for deluxe, semi-deluxe and air-conditioned buses. It’s also convenient to book a cab to reach till Mount Abu.

By Air 

The nearest domestic airport to Mount Abu is Maharana Pratap Airport. It is located at Udaipur about a distance of 165 km. The domestic airport is well-connected to major Indian cities like Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai. Taxis can be availed from the airport to reach Mount Abu conveniently. It’s best to hire a chauffeur-driven one-way cab.

Places to visit near Mount Abu

1. Ambaji temple

Ambaji is an important temple town with millions of devotees visiting every year. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. Ambaji Mata temple is a major Shakti Peeth of India. All the ritual worships of Ambaji is performed in Chachar Chowk. The Temple has a glorious Suvarn Kalash Shikhar,  shining at 103 feet height on the top of the temple, weighing more than 3 tones as a whole.

2. Man Sarovar

Man Sarovar is behind the Ambaji temple. It is said to have been constructed by Shri Tapishanker, a Nager Devotee of Ambaji from Ahmedabad. There are two temples on two sides of this holy tank, one is of Mahadev and another is Ajay Devi. The visitors and devotees use to take a holy bath in this Man Sarovar. It is also an important source of history of Ambaji. There is an Ancient Monument of Scripts Writings and Old Carvings on Rock Stone “Shilalekh”.

3. Nakki Lake

‘Nakki Lake is a lake situated in the Indian hill station of Mount Abu in the Aravalli range. It is a very ancient sacred Lake, according to the Hindu legend. The lake is in the length of about a half-mile and in width of about a quarter of a mile. There is the Toad Rock on a hill near the lake. Raghunath Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace are also on hills near the Lake. Boating in the lake and horse rides around the lake are available.

4. Dilwara Temple

The Dilwara temples are located about 2.5 Km from Mount Abu. These Jain temples were built between the 11th and 13th centuries AD. They are famous for their use of marble and intricate marble carvings. The five marble temples of Dilwara are the most beautiful Jain pilgrimage sites in the world. The temples are in the midst of a range of forested hills. A high wall shrouds the temple complex.

5. Honeymoon Point

The honeymoon point is a mountainside lookout point. It is popular for sunset viewing, with a formation known as “Love Rock”.

6. Raghunath temple

It is located next to Nakki Lake. Raghunath temple is a famous pilgrimage site built in the 14th century. The temple is devoted to Shri Raghunath Ji, the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that the temple saves its followers from all the natural calamities. The temple is believed to liberate one from the pains and pangs of life.

7. Achalgarh Fort

Achalgarh is a fort situated about 11 Km north of Mount Abu. The fort was originally built by the Paramara dynasty rulers and later reconstructed by Maharana Kumbha. The first gate is Hanumanpol, which serves as the entrance to the lower fort. Champapol is the second gate of the fort, which serves as the entrance to the inner fort. Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple is just outside the fort; the toe of Lord Shiva is worshipped here. Near the temple, there are three stone buffaloes standing around a pond. There are Jain temples in the fort.

8. Trevor’s Tank

Trevor’s Tank is a reservoir in a jungle. It is popular for crocodiles, birds & other wildlife sightings.

9. Swaminarayan Temple

Swamibapa had a wish to build a temple on the uppermost point of Mount Abu. In 1991, Acharya Swamishree Maharaj built this temple. Mount Abu has been very popular for people who are recovering from illnesses and medical treatment. Swamibapa used to visit this region often and stay for performing continuous meditation. Therefore, Mount Abu has become a sacred place of pilgrimage.

10. Guru Shikar

Guru Shikhar is a peak in the Arbuda Mountains of Rajasthan. It is the highest point of the Aravalli Range and is 15 km from Mount Abu.  A cave at the summit contains a temple dedicated to Vishnu and his mother, Anasuya. Adjacent to the temple is the Mt Abu Observatory operated by the Physical Research Laboratory. This observatory hosts a 1.2m infrared telescope and also several Astronomy experiments.

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