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10 Best Temples to Visit across in India

Searching for the 10 Best Temples to Visit across India? You can End your Search here. We’ve everything here in one go, what you must be seeking!!!

The fragrance of spirituality is waiting for your soul. Start your Countdown now! Here you go with the best temples you should visit!!!

10 Best Temples to Visit across India

1. Varanasi
2. Shirdi
3. Tirupati
4. Rameshwaram
5. Somnath
6. Dwarka
7. Vaishno Devi
8. Jagannath puri Temple
9. Amritsar Golden Temple
10.Har Ki Pauri Haridwar

1. Varanasi

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
This place is astonishingly amazing when it comes to beauty, peace, spiritual enlightenment, and knowing the existence of your soul. The culture, calmness, Ganga ghats, boat rides, banging of temple bells in the evening, and early morning at the time of Aarti by hundreds of saints devoting prayers in a chorus. Filling your heart full of depth and love from the power beyond science(Almighty). The elegant beauty of this place will steal your heart.

Let’s take a view of the temples you can visit here:

  1. Shri Kashi Vishvanath Temple
  2. Maa Annapurna Temple
  3. Sankara Temple
  4. Kaal Bhairav Temple
  5. Mrityunjay Mahadev Temple
  6. New Vishvanath Temple
  7. Tulsi Manas Temple
  8. Sankatmochan Temple
  9. Durga Temple
  10. Bharat Mata Temple
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2. Shirdi

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
Sai baba is the only saint who has his followers from every religion. The way he has served and helped the people in getting through their difficult times and shown them religious path is what people felt so heart-warming. He delivered the message to all the people is “Sabka Malik Ek.” ‘Which says all god is one with different-different forms. Love and pray that the almighty and all your difficulties will disperse.

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3.Tirupati Temple

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
This is a place where you can keep your whole soul by just entering the temple area, think about how it will feel when you’ll visit the temple itself. Sole and most magnificent pilgrimage to be kept in the inbox for the upcoming holidays. This temple is of Lord Venkateshwara who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Ultimate Mahakaal. Lord Shiva is the God of Gods. Whenever we thought of giving an example of ultimate strength and kindness, we can only think of Lord Shiva. This place is situated on Rameswaram island and it’s the most beautiful place to visit. Plan your upcoming trip to Rameshwaram Temple and feel the pleasure of the divine.

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5. Somnath Temple

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
The Temple of Lord Shiva is located on the Seashore. Waves hit the rocks of the temple. With a spiritual dedication towards Lord Shiva and beautiful site seeing, sitting beside your loved one or family, or your friends near the seashore and Loving the paralleled nature with the hands of Lord Shiva on you is such a blessing.

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6. Dwarka Temple

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
Dwarka is a religious place, older perhaps loving. It’s a seaside temple with waves hitting on the staircase located at its seashore beside the temple. It is the temple of Lord Krishna, formed by Lord Vishvakarma in Dwapar-Yug. Dwarka Nagri was built so astonishingly beautiful at that time which is said to be hidden under the ocean years ago. You can jump, swim, play, and pray in the sea. No such restrictions are formed for diving under the water.

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7. Vaishno Devi

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
A, 5,300 feet high with an arduous climb this temple steals our heart with its scenic beauty and enlightenment. It is the temple that will serve you the peace within. Mountains, snowfalls, Jammu’s outfits, and with a blanket of love covered on it. It’s a very hearth touching and stunning place to be visited once in a life. It’s dedicated to the goddess Shakti.

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8. Jagannath puri Temple

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
Puri is a seaside town known for its Jagannath Temple. Dedicated to Lord Jagannath who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The place which sees devotees from all over the world, across the boundaries of countries all over the world. Celebrating the deity’s procession from the Shrine to the ocean.

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9. Amritsar Golden Temple

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
When our ears want to be blessed with super soothing intonations of Guru Granth Sahib. The most calming atmosphere to be lived for, shimmering the beauty of temple reflected in the water. Langars are obviously a must not miss, where thousands of pilgrims are fed on a daily basis without charging a penny.

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10. Har Ki Pauri Haridwar

10 Best Temples to Visit across in India
Haridwar is an ancient city and important Hindu pilgrimage site in North India’s Uttarakhand state, where the River Ganges exits the Himalayan foothills. The largest of several sacred ghats (bathing steps), Har Ki Pauri hosts a nightly Ganga Aarti (river-worshipping ceremony) in which tiny flickering lamps are floated off the steps. Worshipers fill the city during major festivals including the annual Kanwar Mela.

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