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Chidambaram Temple Timings Online Darshan Booking

Chidambaram Nataraja Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the heart of the temple town of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu.

Chidambaram Rahasyam is a Hindu belief that there is a secret message conveyed through the embossed figure near the shrine of Shiva in the Chidambaram temple.

Since ancient times, it is believed that this is the place where Lord Shiva and Parvathi are present but are invisible to the naked eyes of normal people.

In the Chidambaram temple of Lord Nataraja, Chidambara Ragasiyam is hidden by a curtain (Maya). Darshan of Chidambara Ragasiyam is possible only when priests open the curtain (or Maya) for special poojas.

Online Darshan Booking of Chidambaram Temple:-

Chidambaram Temple Online Darshan Booking available on

Accommodation of Chidambaram Temple Trust:-

Chidambaram Temple Trust Accommodation  Click Here

Temple Timing of Chidambaram Temple:-

Dharshan Time

Morning 6.00.a.m to 12.00 noon
Evening 5.00.p.m. to 10.00 night

Daily Pooja Online Booking of Chidambaram Temple:-

Time: 6.30.a.m. PAAL NIVEDHYAM
[PADHUKA (Lord’s footwear) being brought from palliyarai to sanctum santorum in a palanquin]

7.00.a.m. MAHA AARTHI

7.45 9.00.a.m. KALASANDHI POOJA ( first pooja of the day)
[During the time kalasandhi homam, spatika linga abhishekam and maha aarthi] 11.00.a.m. IRANDAAM KAALAM ( 2nd pooja of the day)
[During the time spatika linga abhishekam & Rathna sabhapathi-Rubi Natarajar abhishekam] 12.00noon UCHIKAALAM (3rd pooja of the day)
[During the time spatika linga abhishekam and aarthi and the Temple will be closed]

5.15p.m. to 6.00.p.m. SAAYARAKSHAI ( 4th pooja of the day)
[During the time spatika linga abhishekam and shotasopachaara aarthi] 8.00.p.m. IRANDAAM KAALAM (5th pooja of the day)
[During the time spatika linga abhishekam,chidambara rahasya pooja, maha aarthi]

9.00.p.m. to 10.00.p.m. ARDHAJAAMAM (6th and last pooja of the day)
[During the time spatika linga abhishekam, maha aarthi, and then PADHUKA comes back
to palliyarai in a palanquin, maha aarthi at palliyarai, chandeswarar aarthi, bhairavar aarthi, Ardhajaama sundharar aarthi]

Mahaabhisheks of Sri Natarajaraja:-

03.05.2021 Monday 6.00 p.m. CHITHIRAI ONAM @ Kanaka Sabhai

15.07.2021 Thursday 3.30 a.m. AANITHIRUMANJANAM @ RAJA SABHAI

21.08.2021 Saturday 6.00 p.m. AAVANI CHATHURDHASI @ Kanaka Sabhai

19.09.2021 Sunday 6.00 p.m. PURATTASI CHATHURDHASI @ Kanaka Sabhai

20.12.2021 Monday 3.30 a.m. AARDHRAA ABHISHEKAM @ RAJA SABHAI

15.02.2022 Tuesday 6.00 a.m. MAASI CHATHURDHASI @ Kanaka Sabha

Archanaas of Chidambaram Temple:-

  • Ashtoththara sathanaama
  • Sahasranaaama
  • Sammelana sahasranaama
  • Panchakshara Thrisathi
  • Pancha mukha sahasranaama
  • Ekasamaya Lakshaarchanaa

Abhishekams of Chidambaram Temple:-

  • Chandhramouleeswara spatikalinga abishekam
  • Rathnasahapathy abishekam
  • SwarnaAakarshanaBhairava abishekam
  • Mahanyaasa poorvaka Rudhraabishekam
  • Mahaarudhrajapa yagna sahitha mahaarudhram
  • Athirudhrajapa yagna sahitha athirudhram

Kainkaryams of Chindambaram Temple:-

  • Annapaavaadai mahaaneivedhyam
  • Mokshadheepam (for ancestors)
  • Sahasra Bhojanam
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