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How Dharamshalas Are Fighting Against Corona?

Dharamshalas Fighting Against Corona

Our Sanatan Dharma can compared to the sky. Limitless. With no beginning, no middle, no end.

In this limitless sky, we contain our Devi-Devtas, a billion devotees, countless temples, sacred texts, and sites. Along with religious organizations, trusts, Dharamshala and much more.

One of the pillars of Sanatan Dharma is ‘Daan’ (Charity) to the needy. In these grim and frightening days, COVID 19 has overshadowed life as we know it. Countless people are stranded in every imaginable place.

It is heartening to know that our religious Trusts, Dharamshala, and Temples across the country have risen to the occasion. And are at the forefront in helping the stranded and the needy in every possible way. 

We at Yatradham.Org would like to thank and commend these Corona Warriors. We would love to share their stories with you.


More than 400 Gujarati from Rajkot, Morbi, Kutch, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Valsad, Surat traveled to Hyderabad. And they found themselves stranded due to the lockdown. Shri Gujarat Pragati Samaj of Hyderabad has accommodated them and is feeding them, at no cost. It has been 40 days now. As advised by Shri Ghanshyam Patel, President of the Samaj, will continue till the end of lockdown.

Not only that, but Pragati Samaj along with other Gujarati trusts in Hyderabad are also supplying food kits consisting of wheat flour, dals, rice, cooking oil, spices, etc. to needy families in Hyderabad.    



Another example of total selflessness in answering the ‘Call of Duty’

Muhtaji Mandir Tirth in Jodhpur also maintains a large Dharamshala for devotees.

In this time of need, the Mandir has thrown open its doors to COVID Warriors. Like doctors, nurses, and other medical support staff. Coordinating with the district administration. They’ve made available all its Dharamshala rooms and other facilities for these warriors. This endeavor is highly appreciated.



Since the lockdown began Dada Bhagwan Trimandir has not been sitting idle. Since the day lockdown started, the Dada Bhagwan foundation has distributed 1500 packets of food. They distribute it daily in the Gandhinagar area. In the first phase, they distributed 4000 food kits among the needy. In the second phase, the trust will distribute the same amount of food kits.

Dada Bhagwan Foundation has also contributed to the PM cares fund. Besides Amba health is providing round the clock services for patients. While ensuring full protection for their medical and other staff.

Pujyashree Deepak Bhai holds daily video conferences with workers and staff. To guide them and boost their morale. According to him ‘Seva’ is the best form of worship.



Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas in Rameshwaram. They have been sheltering and feeding 36 north Indian Yatris. The district collector sent these people here in the bhakta niwas.

Those devotees who were staying at Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas when lockdown began, allowed to stay at no cost. Maheshwari Bhakta Niwas is also taking care of their food. Another 50 devotees stranded at other places have provided with food kits. They have also donated INR 63000 to three Gaushalas.



Shri Swaminarayan Mandir of Bhuj has distributed 30,000 food kits among the needy people of Bhuj. These kits consist of :  wheat flour 4 kg / rice 2 kg / course rice 3 kg /  moong dal 1 kg /  sugar 1 kg / tea leaves 100 g / cooking oil 1 lt. + spices

Swaminarayan Sansthas and mandirs are always at the forefront. When it comes to charity, welfare, education, and social service. They actively provide relief during natural or man-made disasters. May God give them more strength.



Sai Bhakta Niwas Trust (Indore)  has donated INR 11,00,000 to the Red Cross. Shri Sai Baba Mandir Sansthan, Indore made it possible.



Ellora Om Siddeshwar Bhakta Niwas of the Grishneshwar Jyotirling has distributed food kits. Food kits consisting of Wheat- 3 kg,  Rice – 1 kg,  Sugar – 1 kg  Cooking oil – 1 kg,  Peanuts – 1 kg and 10 kg onions to over 300 needy persons.

They have also contributed 11,11,111 to the prime minister’s fund and an equal amount to the chief minister’s fund.


We Indians as a whole are cheerful, friendly, happy go lucky and carefree. We are also large-hearted and do not hesitate to help someone in need. Currently, we are going through dark days, overwhelmed by the corona specter.

But we see the government, doctors, nurses, police, organizations, companies, and individuals doing their best to help overcome this crisis. We urge you too,  also to be a part of this effort in any way you can.

By God’s grace, the nation will come out of this. Even the darkest and longest night ends….  And comes the dawn of a new day!

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