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World Pakhala Divas 2022 – History, Significance & Celebrations

There are numerous traditions and cultures that outline India. Our country is proudly called the land of diversity for the proper reasons. those that reside within the eastern and therefore the north-eastern part of the country would be delighted to understand that each day like ‘World Pakhala Divas’ exists. For people that don’t know what Pakhala is, it’s an eastern food recipe made up of cooked rice, which is washed or fermented slightly in water. the many festivities happen within the state of Odisha, among other states. If you would like to understand more about World Pakhala Divas 2021 – its date, history, celebrations, significance, and more, then you’ve got reached the proper destination.

What Is Pakhala? 

Pakhaḷa is an Odia term for an Indian dish consisting of cooked rice washed or lightly fermented in water. The liquid part is understood as toraṇi. a standard Odia dish, the ingredients are rice, curd, cucumber, cumin seeds, fried onions, and mint leaves. it’s popularly served with dry roasted vegetables—such as potato, brinjal, badi and saga bhaja or fried fish.

World Pakhala Divas 2022 Date

World Pakhala Divas, also referred to as World Pakhala Day, is observed on March 20. This year, it’ll fall on Saturday. People also call the festival ‘Pakhala Dibasa’ or ‘Pakhala Day’ fondly.

World Pakhala Divas History

The exact origins of celebrating World Pakhala Divas aren’t known. However, the eastern food dish was first introduced within the recipe of Lord Jagannath of Puri circa 10. The food item is taken into account good to beat the summer heat, and to market it, World Pakhala Divas’s occasion is widely known round the world.

World Pakhala Divas Significance

The Odia community across the world celebrates the festive event of World Pakhala Divas, and therefore the festivities aren’t limited to India only. However, apart from Assam, the main celebrations of World Pakhala Divas happen in West Bengal , Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu , Jharkhand, etc. In Tamil Nadu , the festive occasion if passionately called ‘Pazhaiya Sadam’.

World Pakhala Divas Celebrations

The observance of World Pakhala Divas may be a delight for foodies. It also serves a cultural significance for the people that have their origins in Odisha. People, like farmers, celebrate the occasion of World Pakhala Divas religiously. it’s their staple food and forms a crucial part of their daily diet.


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