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Ambajogai Yogeshwari Temple Timings

Ambajogai Yogeshwari Temple Timings

Ambajogai Yogeshwari Temple Timings Hours: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Yogeshwari Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Yogeshwari and is located in the city of Ambajogai in Maharashtra, India.

Yogeshwari Mata is the kuldevi of the Ahir (Yadav) community. Many Brahmins of Gujarat and Rajasthan with surnames Vyas, Trivedi, etc also revere “Yogeshwari Mata” as their Kuldevi. Yogeshwari Mata is Kulaswamini of many families in Maharashtra, especially of Konkanastha Chitpavan Brahmins and Karhade Brahmins.

Yogeshwari Mata is considered to be matruka shakti of Lord Shiva. Her name is derived from the words Yoga and Ishwari. This means that she is the controller of Shakti Yoga.

Shri Yogeshwari is a Bhushan of Ambanagari. In the first place, untouchables have embraced literary and culturally respectable Maharashtrian minds. Two of them are remarkable the poet’s composition Shri Mukundraj and the mausoleum of Navkot Narayan Sant poet Dasopant of Marathi literature. The importance of Ambanagari has increased due to this reason, and in ancient times, this city was sitting in other cities like Bushan ghost (Nagar Bhushan Bhav). Because Yogeshwari had Shaktipeeth, she had attained the form of holy pilgrimage and it is still today.

This temple is quite spacious, well built with a mandap. There are two entrance doors. The temple is a stone structure with stone idols of various gods on top. There are shops at the main entrance to buy flowers and other items. A few decades ago, no suitable accommodation was available to stay. But now the temple has a Yatri Niwas, one outside the main gate and another built inside the same temple. Another Bhakti Niwas has also been built outside the back door.

How To Reach Ambajogai Yogeshwari Temple:

By Road:
Ambajogai is well connected to Beed and other cities of Maharashtra by road. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation buses and private vehicles are available to access the temple at Ambajogai.

By Air:
The nearest airports are located at Latur 62 km, Nanded Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Airport 134 km, and Aurangabad 228 km.

By Train:
Parli Vaijnath (20 km) and Nanded (122 km) are the Nearest railway Stations.

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