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Kalaram Temple Timings, Nashik, Maharashtra

Kalaram Temple is located near Panchavati it is one of the tourist places in Nashik district state of Maharashtra, India. The main deity of the Kalaramji Mandir is Lord Rama and this temple is an ancient temple related to Hinduism. The idol of Lord Rama located in the mandir is made of black stone, hence the name of the temple is named Kalaram Temple. Know Kalaram Temple Timings, history, tourist places nearby, the best time to visit, and more. 

Kalaram Temple is one of the most important religious places in Nashik city, which remains the center of faith of the devotees.

Festivals are celebrated with great pomp in Nashik Kalaram Temple. The major festivals of Kalaram temple include Ramnavami, Dussehra and Chaitra Padwa, etc.

Kalaram Temple Timings

Kalaram Temple is open at 5:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM.

Aarti in Kalaram temple takes place at 6 in the morning and 8 at the night.

The temple is open to the devotees every day in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Schedule of Kalaram Temple

Kakad Aarti5:30 AM 
Sanai Vandan7:00 AM
Mangal Aarti8:00 AM
Maha Aarti10:30 AM
Bhajan3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Sandhya Aarti7:00 PM
Kirtan8:00 PM to 10:00 PM


The History of Kalaram Temple Nashik   

Kalaram Mandir was built by the Peshwa’s Sardar Rangrao Odhekar in the year 1782.  The temple was built in Nagara style.  

It is believed that the Kalaram temple was built at the site of Parnakuti, which was earlier the abode of Nathpanthi sadhus.

One day the sadhus got the idol of Lord Rama on the banks of the river Aruna Varuna and they established the idol of Lord Rama by making a wooden temple. During the reign of Peshwas, the construction work of this temple was started as per the orders of Mato Shri Gopikabai. It is believed that around 23 lakhs were spent on the construction of the temple at that time.

The structure of Kalaram temple is made on sight. The temple is surrounded by four walls. Explain that 96 pillars are located in the structure of the Kalaram temple. The entrance is made inside the temple from the east direction through an arched gate. Moving on from this we see that the verandah of the temple is beautifully decorated with arches and pillars.

The length of the Kalaram temple is 74 meters, the width is 32 meters and the height up to the Kalash is 69 feet. After getting acquainted with the structure of the temple, it appears that the structure of the Kalaram temple matches that of the Trimbakeshwar temple. The top of the Kalaram temple is covered in gold and one can also visit the temples dedicated to Lord Vitthal and Lord Ganesha around the temple.

Kalaram Temple Movement

The role of this temple in the Kalaram Mandir Satyagraha movement cannot be denied.  Because, the Kalaram Mandir Satyagrah on March 2, 1930, under the leadership of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar (Kalaram Mandir Babasaheb Ambedkar), the Dalit movement (Kalaram Mandir Satyagraha Movement) was done. The reason for taking out this movement was the demand for entry of Dalits into temples. The Kala Ram Satyagraha movement is also known as the temple entry movement.

Best Time To Visit Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple is located in Nashik and can be visited by tourists at any time of the year.  However, on festivals like Ram Navami, and Dussehra, devotees prefer to visit the Kala Mandir.  

The best time to visit the city of Nashik is from October to March. So you can also choose this time, although the temple is open for the devotees every day in the morning, afternoon, and evening. One hour would have been enough to visit and visit Kalaram Temple.

Nasik To Kalaram Temple Distance

The distance from Nashik to Kalaram Temple is about 3 kilometers.

Panchavati to Kalaram Temple Distance

The distance between Kalaram Mandir to Panchvati is just 1 kilometer.

How to reach Kalaram Temple, Nashik, Maharashtra


You can easily reach Kalaram Temple from Nashik Railway Station. The distance between Nashik Railway Station to Kalaram Temple is 10km.


The city of Nashik is about 3 kilometers from Kalaram Temple, which is well connected to the major airports of the country through air routes. The nearest airport is Ozar Airport Nashik. From Ozar airport you can go with the help of a taxi or local vehicles.


Kalaram Temple is just 3km away from Nashik Central Bus Stand. From the  Nashik Bus Stand, you will get rickshaws and city buses for Kalaram Temple.

Things to do in Nashik, Maharashtra

The below places are near to the accommodations in Nashik, which you can book at YatraDham.Org.

  • Sula vineyards
  • Sharptashrungi Gadh
  • Pandav Leni
  • Harihar fort
  • Bramhgiri Hill
  • York winery & testing room
  • Anjneri Hill
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple
  • Ram kund
  • Kalsubai 
  • Mangi Tungi

Nasik Accommodation Booking

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