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Tarnetar Fair at Trinetreshwar Temple , Surendranagar

Three fairs are important in Saurashtra, Gujrat.  Bhavanatha’s Shivratri Jatra, Madhavpur’s Jatra in the Ged area, and Panchal’s Tarnetar’s Jatra.  If you want to describe these fairs separately, then the fair of Trinetreshwar Temple, Tarnetar is the fair of color, the fair of Madhavpur is the fair of Rupa and the fair of Shivratri is the fair of devotion.  

The people at Trinetreshwar Temple or Tarnetar fair are playing in different colors and expressing their feelings with joy.  

About Tarnetar Fair

Tarnetar Fair

The Tarnetar fair is held on Bhadarva Sud Pancham i.e. the day of Rishi Panchami. The people of the Panchal region consider Tarnetar as sacred as Ganga and Haridwar. They believe not going very far and immersing the bones of their dead relatives in ponds at Tarnetar is as holy as Maa Ganga. 

On the same day of the Tarnetar fair, a flag of 52 yards is hoisted on the temple of Trinetreshwar Mahadev.

History Behind Trinetreshwar Temple  

There is a folklore about the establishment of the Tarnetar Trinetreshwar Temple, that Suryavanshi king Yuvanashva of Ayodhya, being childless, performed Yagna at the behest of his guru Vasishta.  Their son was born there.  Whose name was Mandhata and this swimming temple was built by Mandhata.  

Apart from this, there is a story associated with Trinetreshwar Temple which is from the Mahabharata period.  At that time the city of Drupada was in Panchal.  According to the Mahabharata, Draupadi was born on her own at Tarnetar. At that time, the Pandavas were in Swayamvara in the guise of Brahmins, and the Kunda at this place was visited by Arjuna, and hence the occasion of Draupadi’s marriage has been added.

Construction of the Trinetreshwar Temple

Researchers say that the Trinetreshwar Temple, Tarneter may have been built in the 10th century as the style of the temple is Gurjar Pratihar. Because the Pratihara kings loved to build Shivalayas.  So they have renovated this temple.  Even so, there is evidence in history that the Pratihara kings came to Saurashtra in the 8th century.  

In August 1906, Karanba was commemorated. The Trinetreshwar temple has 100 bighas of agricultural land. There is also a lake in front of the temple.  

There are two Shivlings in the temple of Tarnetar.  According to experts, the large Shivling is ancient and the next relatively small Shivling became famous after Karan Singhji restored the temple.  

The carvings and sculptures in this temple are amazing, charming, and beautiful.  Next to the temple are Vishnukund, Shivkund and Brahmakund. The temple has been taken over by the Archaeological Department as the construction of the temple is very old and the sculptural heritage has been preserved.

Tarnetar Fair

Various competitions are organized at the Trinetreshwar Temple fair. People from all over the country, flock to the world-famous Bhatigal Lokmela at Tarnetar.  The four-day Lokmela also includes rural Olympics, animal exhibitions, animal competitions, and ras-Garba competitions on different days. 

The most important thing of the Trinetreshwar Temple fair is the Ban on the use and sale of plastics. 

Security arrangements at the Trinetreshwar Temple fair: Besides, teams of 3-SRP, 10-DYSP, 25-PI, 85-PSI were deployed to maintain law and order during the fair.  Constables with home guards will be on hand.  People coming to the fair will be monitored by drones and CCTV cameras.

How to reach Trinetreshwar Temple

By Bus

Government buses are available for Trinetreshwar Temple from Surendranagar.

Trinetreshwar Temple is 64.6Km from Surendranagar.

By Train

The distance from Surendranagar Junction (Railway Station) to Trinetreshwar Temple is 57.7Km.

By Air

The nearest airport for the Trinetreshwar Temple is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in  Ahmedabad.

You can go by bus or book a taxi from Ahmedabad Airport to Trinetreshwar Temple.

For more details, you can visit us at YatraDham.Org.

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