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Morari Bapu Katha in Badrinath Dham | Booking | Mana Village

Morari Bapu Katha in Badrinath – An Indian spiritual leader and preacher from Gujarat is known for reciting Ram Kathas in Haridwar, Vrindavan & other major cities in India and across the world.  The ethos of his Katha is universal peace and spreading the message of truth, love, and compassion. Upcoming Morari Bapu Katha will be in Badrinath from 18th June to 26th June 2022 in Mana village.  The village is 3-4 km from Badrinath.

Below you can find details on how you can register yourself to attend the Katha, the essential requirements for the Katha, and what accommodation facilities are available in Badrinath near the temple.

Morari Bapu Katha in Badrinath (Online Booking)

From the date 18th of June to the 26th of June 2022, Morari Bapu Katha will be held in Badrinath. All the shrotas who would like to attend Katha are requested to fill out the Google form.

Online Booking Form-

Venue- Mana Village

Prabhu Pada’s will be served at Krishna Pranami.

Covid guidelines must be strictly followed during the event (such as social distance, and wearing a mask)

About Ram Katha

Shri Morari Bapu who is also known as Bapu is a great supporter of Ram Charit Manas. He is been doing Ram Kathas for fifty years. Morari Bapu has spread the philosophy of universal peace, truth, love, and compassion. With his blessing, the trust has also organized Ramkatha at various places.

The event is for nine days. During these nine days, Bapu takes one chaupai or couplet and expands upon that particular subject. 

Badrinath Accommodation Booking 

A number of accommodation facilities are available in Badrinath. The accommodation offers an online booking facility to the tourists, so they can book their rooms in Badrinath well in advance. The accommodation includes different types of rooms, ashram, dormitory, Dharamshala, hotels, and more… Below is the list of Badrinath Accommodations with all the details.

Sadguru Ashram
Shri Krishna Pranami Mangal Bhavan
Ishwar Bhawan
Sadhu Sudha Ashram
Smruti Bhavan Home Stay
Jalaram Ashram
Sadhana Kutir Book
Om Shanti Guest House
Parmarth Lok Ashram

Mana – The Last Indian Village

Mana is the last Indian village on the border of India and Tibet/China in the Himalayas. Mana is popular for Base Camps(Trek) and village tourism. It is one of the best tourist attractions located near Badrinath. Mana is just 3 km from the Hindu pilgrimage Badrinath town. The village is located on the banks of River Saraswati at the height of around 3219 meters. The village is surrounded by beautiful Himalayan hills.

Mythology of Mana

The traces of the great Indian epic, Mahabharata are visible in Mana. It is believed that during their journey to heaven, Pandavas passed through Mana. There is also a famous stone bridge created by Bheem, known as “Bheem Pool” near the river Saraswati.

Top Tourist Attractions in Mana

Neelkanth- Queen of Gharwal

Neelkanth peak is located around 6597 m above sea level. One can see Badrinath Dham from its peak as it is situated above Badrinath temple.

Tapt Kund- Abode of Lord Agni

Tapt Kund is a natural spring and is believed to be the abode place of Lord Agni. The Kund has many medicinal values and can cure many skin diseases. It is visited by many tourists every year.

Mata Murti Temple- Mother of Lord Narayan

It is believed that Mata Murti requested Lord Vishnu to take birth as her son. Lord Vishnu granted her wish and took birth in the form of twins, Nar, and Narayan. Thus the temple is dedicated to the mother of Lord Narayan. Every year in the month of August, an annual fair is organized in the temple.

Vasundhara- Waterfall Near Badrinath

The waterfall is located 9kms away from the Badrinath temple. It is believed that during the exile, this place was a temporary stay point for Pandavas.

Vyas Gufa- Where Ved Vyas composed four Vedas

The interesting thing about this cave is that the temple roof resembles the pages from Ved Vyas’s collection of holy books.

Ganesha Gufa 

The place where Ganesha dictated Mahabharata to Shri Ved Vyas.

Bheem Pul

It is believed to be created by Bheem (one of the brothers among the Pandavas) near the river Saraswati. Bheem placed a rock to make way for Draupadi to cross the river during their journey to heaven.

Mana Treks

The village is best for the treks. One can find many trek routes like Mana to Vasudhara, Mana to Satopanth, and Mana to Mana Pass.

Mana pass is a mountain pass in the Himalayas on the border between India and Tibet. The pass is only used by the army and ITBP for carrying supplies to border posts. Mana Pass is the source of the Saraswati river. The pass is not open for civilians. One can capture stunning views of Chaukhamba- a mountain summit of the Garhwal Himalayan Range and the beauty of Deotal Lake.

How to Reach Mana Village / Distance

Mana village is directly connected with Haridwar / Rishikesh through NH-58 with Badrinath and Joshimath towns. 


The nearest railhead is located at Haridwar (275 km from the village).


From Haridwar buses and taxis are available for the Mana village. 


Helicopter service is available from the nearest airport Jolly Grant Airport, located in Dehradun.

Distance from Mana village

Badrinath to Mana village- 4.4. km

Kedarnath to Mana village- 41.1 km

Joshimath to Mana village- 50.1 km

Auli to Mana village- 56.8 km

Swargohini to Mana village- 100km

Chopta to Mana village- 180 km

Haridwar to Mana village- 319 km

Rishikesh to Mana village- 296.2 km

Dehradun to Mana village- 332.9 km

Delhi to Mana village- 557.9 km


FAQs- Badrinath Morari Bapu Katha

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