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Badrinath Yatra 2021 Guidelines Registration | Accommodation Booking

Shri Badrinath Dham Guidelines:-

>> Limit:      1000 Devotees per day

  • Registration Process-

>> Mandatory Yatra E-pass registration on Uttarakhand Char Devsthanam Board websites:

>> e-Pass will be issued only if –

  • Both the doses of the COVID vaccine (at least before 15 days)

Advance Accommodation in Badrinath Yatra:-

Advance Accommodation in Badrinath Click Here

Covid-19 Protocol for Badrinath Yatra 2021:-

  • It is required to have RTPCR/TrueNat /CBNAAT/RAT Covid negative certificate done within 72 hours.
  • If your visitors are from Kerala, Maharashtra, or Andhra Pradesh, it is required to have RTPCR/TrueNat /CBNAAT/RAT Covid negative certificate done within 72 hours even if you have both the doses of COVID vaccine.

>> It is mandatory to carry original documents uploaded during the e-Pass registration during the traveling.

>> Maximum 6 devotees/visitors are allowed per one Yatra Registration. Yatra Registration will be valid for maximum 2 days starting from the date mentioned on the Yatra Registration document. Yatra Registration will be valid only for the Temple Darshan.

Registration Pass Checking Badrinath Yatra:-

>> Checking will be done at defined check posts.

>> Dham entry will be allowed only who have registered for the Yatra Registration.

>> All the documents mentioned during the registration are required to furnish at the time of checking. 

Darshan Process –Entry Process for Badrinath Yatra:-

>> Registered devotees/visitors have to keep their shoes/chappals/footwear at defined places or in their vehicles.

>> Entry will be from “Sinh Dwar”. Mandatory to show the Yatra Registration to the authority before entry.

>> Thermal Scanning, Social Distancing, Mask, and sanitation of the hands are required. Mask will be provided after payment if one is not using the mask.

>> During entry if found COVID symptoms, entry will not be granted.

Darshan Queue Process for Badrinath Yatra:-

>> Formation of the queue with social distancing is required once entered from “Sinh Dwar” to “Sant Kuti”. 

Darshan Process for Badrinath Yatra:-

>> Once entered from “Sinh Dwar”, the Visitor / Devotee has to be in a queue in marked circles to reach Ghantakarn Gate to Sabha Mandap entry.

>> Darshan can be done from Sabha Mandap only. At a time only 3 devotees are allowed to do Darshan in Sabha Mandap.

>> Entry of Garbh Gruh / Sanctum is not permitted.

>> Mandatory to maintain social distancing using marked circles in the Sabha Mandap.

>> Darshan will be as “Dharm Darshan” and limited time will be allowed.

>> Once done, the exit will be done from the gate opposite Laxmi Temple in the Temple compound. Only after exiting of such devotees, next batch of devotees are allowed for the Darshan.

>> Sitting is not permitted in Sabha Mandap. If any Devotee wants to perform Special Puja, Purohit will perform the puja on behalf of the devotees and they will be allowed for Dharm Darshan for a limited time only. 

Exit Process for Badrinath Yatra:-

>> Once done with the Darshan, everyone has to exit from Ghantakarn Gate by following the circle marks to ensure social distancing.

>> Puja-path, Parayan, Bhajan-kirtan, etc. are not allowed in the temple premises. It is not permitted to stay longer in the temple premises.

>> Follow all the announcements and ensure Darshan in a timely manner so others can do the Darshan as well. 

Prasad / Donation / Gift Process for Badrinath Yatra:-

>> Prasad etc. is not allowed to offer inside the temple. Application of Tika is not allowed as well.

>> Visitors / Devotees can use the authorized donation boxes for the Donation. 

  • No Touch Requirement

>> Touch of the Idols / Bells / Ornaments / Books is prohibited. 

  • Bathing into Tapt Kund / Other Kunds

>> Bathing into the Tapt Kund / Other Kunds in the Badrinath Dham is strictly prohibited.

  • Darshan Capacity and Night Stay Limit

>> Maximum 1000 devotees/day are allowed to do the Darshan.

> In case of any unforeseen reason authority might be able to modify the same.


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