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Top Places to Visit in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Tirupati is located in Andhra Pradesh, India. Its Sri Venkateswara Temple is one of the top 7 peaks of Tirumala Hills and attracts scores of Hindu pilgrims. The old name of Tirupati was Ramanujapuram. The city is referred to as Tirupati since the 13 century.

This city is very spiritual and religious. This city is rich in faith if you are planning for a spiritual place you must visit this place. Here you get peace of mind and your soul becomes calm. Check out the best places to visit in Tirupati.

Best Places to Visit in Tirupati

sri vekenteshwara swamy templesri padmavati Ammavari temple
sri Kalahari templekapila theertham Temple
Sri Varasiddhi TempleKodandarama Temple

Sri Vekenteshwara Swamy Temple

Sri Vekenteshwara Swamy Temple Tirupati

Tirupati Balaji Temple is a beautiful temple located on the hills of Tirumala in the city of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The Temple is dedicated to Venkateswara (Lord Shiv).

The Tirupati Balaji temple closed down for 12 years in 1800 due to a legend that a saint cursed the temple. Tirupati Balaji temple is also known as Sri Venkateshwara temple. This temple is the most spiritual and most visited in india it is believed that this temple is the oldest in india. this temple shows the culture of Indian history and Hinduism.

  • Temple Timings: 2:30 AM to 11:00 PM 
  • Entry fees: Free
  • Special Entrance: Rs.20/Person
  • V.I.P Darshan: Rs.100/Person
  • Address – Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple, Konetikatta Street, Tiruchanoor, Alivelu Mangapuram, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh,India
  • Distance: 5 Km from Tirupati RTC Bus stand and 5.5 km from Tirupati Railway station

Sri Padmavati Ammavari Temple

Sri Padmavati Ammavari Temple Tirupati

This temple is dedicated to the goddess Padmavathi. The temple is located in Tiruchanur in Tirupati. In this temple goddess Padmavati is the wife of lord Balaji. It is believed that the goddess Padmavati gives blessings to devotees.

 This temple is placed on a very high platform, where we have to climb the stairs to reach the temple. It is believed that this temple is holy for Hindus. this temple is very spiritual.

Temple Timings: 4:50 AM to 9:30 PM & On Friday – 3:30 AM To 9:30 PM

Entry fees: Rs.300/person

Address: JC5X+3XX, Sannidhi St, Tiruchanur, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

Distance: 5 km from the city and 30 km from Vekenteshwar Temple

Sri Kalahasti Temple

Sri Kalahasti Temple Tirupati

Sri Kalahasti temple is a most spiritual and holy temple in the town of Srikalahasti, in Tirupati, india. The main idol of this temple is lord shiva. The temple is famous for performing Rahu-ketu pooja. if the people conduct this pooja they will get beneficial results and help in the astrological effect of Rahu-ketu.

The Srikalahasti temple is made up of Dravidian style this temple was built during the Pallava period in the 5th century. Srikalahasti is the name given by devotees of lord Shiv the real meaning of this temple in Sanskrit is a spider(Sri),
the serpent(Kala) and the Elephant (Hasti). These are the main devotees of lord shiva.

Temple Timings: 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Entry fees: Free

Pooja Tickets: Rs.300, 750, 1500

Address: Bahadur Pet, Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh, India

Distance: 36.5 km from Tirupati

Kapila Theertham Temple

Kapila Theertham Temple Tirupati

Kapila Theetham is one of the most sacred temples in the Tirupati. This temple is one of the 108 sacred on Tirumala hills. Kapila Theertham is famous for its waterfall
this place is situated inside the Kapila Swamy Temple at the foot of Seshadri hills in Tirupati.

This waterfall is very interesting where the water streams from the Tirumala hills. The waterfall is 100ft into Temple Pushkarini. this place is considered the pilgrimage in Shivism. It is the most visited place in Tirupati.

Temple Timing: 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Entry fees: Rs.5

Address: Kapila Theertham Road, Ambedkar Colony Andhra Pradesh, India

Sri Varasiddhi Temple

Sri Varasiddhi Temple Tirupati

Vinayaka temple is a Hindu temple of lord Ganesh. the main idol of this temple is kanipakam means the holder of truth. People also take a special oath in this temple. people had big faith in this temple people believed that the idol of this temple of Ganesha is swayambhu.

The temple was constructed in the early 11th century CE by the Chola Emperor Kulottunga I and was expanded further in 1336 by the Emperors of Vijayanagara. In the temple, the annual brahmotsavams of lord Ganesha will be celebrated for 21 days from Vinayaka chavithi day.

Entry fees: free

Distance: 800 meters

Kodandarama Temple

Kodandarama Temple Tirupati

The main idol of this temple is Rama, so the name is Kothandaramaswamy for the idol.

It is believed that the name Konda was given by Vibhishana (younger brother of Ravana)vibhishana helped ram so the name was given Konda Ram.

Kodandarama temple is constructed in three stages. with its garbhagrha and sukhanasi with holy style. the remaining additions are in Dravidian style. the present navranga is from the 14th century.

Temple Timings: 6 AM to 11:30 AM and 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM 

Entry fees: Free

Address: Hiremagalur, Chikmagalur, Andhra Pradesh, India

Distance: (1.6 km) via Netaji Rd/Puthalapattu – Naidupeta Rd, Andhra Pradesh, India


ISKCON Temple Tirupati

Iskcon temple was built in 1982, A small temple was inaugurated with the installation of idols of lord Krishna and Radha this temple was opened everywhere. this temple is located at Tirumala hills.

Popularly also known as Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple. One of the most important places to visit in Tirupati is the World’s largest iskcon temple Tirupati Where lord Krishna and Radha idols are which makes the temple more beautiful. A large number of devotees visit this temple during their trip to Tirupati.

Temple Timings: 4:15 AM to 9:00 PM

Entry fees: free

Address: Hare Krishna Land, Hare Krishna Road Vinayaka Nagar, Tirupati

Distance: 4 km away from Tirupati Bus Stand and 5 km from Tirupati railway station

Places to Visit in Tirupati Other Than Temples

Swami Pushkarini Lake

Swami Pushkarini Lake Tirupati

Swami Pushkarini Lake is near Sri Venkateshwara temple. This place is very holy and spiritual there is a dip of water in Pushkarini Lake. This place is famous for Lord Venkateswara who took a celestial bath. The depth of the lake is 24 lakh gallons.

Timings: 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

Entry fees: free

Talakona Waterfall

Talakona Waterfall Tirupati

The height of the Talakona Waterfall is 270ft. This waterfall is also known as Sri Venkateshwara National Park. The best time to visit Talakona Waterfall is October and January. The best to explore this lake is in the monsoon season people highly recommend visiting. This lake is a national forest in Tirupati.

There are many animals are there in the forest like Giant squirrels, mice, deer, golden gecko etc. This waterfall originated from the River Machkund in Andhra Pradesh.

Timings: 6:00 AM to 7:30 PM

Entry fees: Rs. 3/ per person

Places To Visit Near Tirupati Within 50 kms

  • Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park
  • Srivari paadaalu
  • Sri Venkateswara museum
  • Divyaram park

Places To Visit Near Tirupati Within 100 Kms

  • Kanikapan
  • Pulicat lake & sanctuary
  • Nagalapuram
  • Thirutthani

How to Reach Tirupati?

By Road

Several state-run and private buses run to Tirupati from major Indian cities From Chennai you can get buses easily to Tirupati.

By Rail

Tirupati Balaji is a 22 km distance from Tirupati railway station. Tiruchanur, Renigunta Junction, Tirupati West Halt, and Chandragiri railway station. from this railway station, you can easily travel.

By Air

Tirupati airport is located in Renigunta, 15 km away from the main city. Some regular flights are available to Tirupati from other cities in the country. The nearest international airport is in Chennai. It takes around 3-4 hours from Chennai to reach Tirupati.

Where to Stay in Tirupati?

If you Are Planning to stay in Tirupati from here you can get the best hotels, Dharamshalas and guest houses to stay near Tirupati Temples. You can book through our websites.

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