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Anandpur Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib Gurdwara

Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib is one of the five Takhts in Sikhism which holds great significance in the Sikh community. The word Takht means throne or seat and Kesgarh Sahib refers to the fort made by Guru Gobind Singh – the tenth Sikh Guru of Sikhism.

Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib Ji Gurudwara is located in Anandpur, Punjab. Anandpur is one of the holiest Sikh pilgrimage sites in India. This is the place where Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the Khalsa Panth in the year 1699. During this time Guru Gobind Singh originated ”Panj Pyare” and gave Amrit to them.

Anandpur is also home to Kesgarh Sahib Gurudwara, one of the five Takhts. The last two Gurus “Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji” and “Guru Gobind Singh Ji” lived in Anandpur.

Anandpur The City of Bliss

There are more than 12 Gurudwaras here including Takht Shri Kesgarh Sahib and Gurudwara Sisganj. The tenth and last Guru Gobind Singh Ji had constructed five forts on the city borders.

Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib

Temple Timings of Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib: 24 Hours (The temple is open for 24 hours)

Address: Keshgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib, Punjab 140118

Contact number: 0188 7232023

Gurudwaras in Anandpur Sahib

Below is the list of Gurudwara located in Anandpur and the distance mentioned from Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib:

  • Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib – 0 meters
  • Gurudwara Shri Sheeshganj Sahib – 825 meters
  • Gurudwara Qila Fatehgarh Sahib – 826 meters
  • Gurudwara Qila Anandgarh Sahib – 1 km
  • Gurudwara Shri Shahidi Bagh Sahib – 1 km
  • Gurudwara Shri Bhora Sahib – 1 km
  • Gurudwara Qila Holgarh Sahib – 2 km
  • Gurudwara Bhai Jaita Ji – 2 km
  • Gurudwara Qila Lohgarh Sahib – 2 km
  • Gurudwara Shri Mata Jito Ji – 3 km
  • Gurudwara Bhai Khanya Ji – 5 km
  • Gurudwara Qila Taragarh Sahib – 6 km
  • Gurudwara Shri Suhela Ghora Sahib – 6 km

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Places to Visit in Anandpur Sahib

  • Kiratpur Sahib
  • Virasat-e-Khalsa Sikh Museum
  • Sarovar Anandpur Sahib
  • Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sikh Museum
  • Naina Devi Temple
  • Bhakra Nangal Dam

How to Reach Anandpur Sahib

By Rail

  • Anandpur Sahib Railway Station – 1 km
  • Chandigarh Railway Station – 84 km

By Air

  • Chandigarh Airport – 90 km
  • Sahnewal Airport, Ludhiana – 98 km

By Road

  • State Buses are connected to major cities of Punjab

Distances from Anandpur

  • Chandigarh – 84 km
  • Jalandhar – 104 km
  • Ludhiana – 114 km
  • Patiala – 119 km
  • Amritsar – 183 km

Hope this information will be helpful to you during your visit to Anandpur Sahib. If you have any queries then let us know in the comment section.

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