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Events in March You Cannot Miss in india

As the winter retreats and spring sets in, March makes for the perfect weather for a month full of celebrations Events in March You Cannot Miss in India. Make the most of this pleasant weather and be a part of the festivities, displaying the best of Indian culture.

Here is a list of the top Events in March You Cannot Miss in India this March that you should definitely travel to for

Events in March You Cannot Miss in India

International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh

By the Ganges, the birthplace of Yoga hosts one of its most global and awaited celebrations. Spread over a week, IYF sees trainers and experts from over the world, Ganga Arti, speakers, saints, and more. Also, the way Rishikesh effortlessly turns from a religious hub to a cluster of cafes outlined by hushed hippie culture will let you open another layer to this one by landing here this Holi. Registrations for IYF remain strictly online.



Of the many exuberant Holi celebrations all over India, the festivities at Mathura are a must experience. Starting a week before the main day, the towns of Barsana and Nandgaon celebrate Lathmar Holi, a fun-filled event where women chase men and beat them up with lathis. A day before Holi, participate in the flamboyant procession consisting of decorated vehicles, children dressed up as Krishna or Radha, and flowers and Holi colors all around. Following the procession, the burning of the effigy of Holika in the evening of Holika Dahan is a must-see, especially at Holi Gate. On the main Holi day, head to the famous Dwarkadheesh Temple amidst throngs of locals and tourists drenched in water, smearing each other with colors, dancing to dhols, and drinking multiple glasses of bhang. This most colorful and exciting festival is best experienced not from a distance, but by participating in it. So keep away that camera, gulp down a glass of bhang and dive in to enjoy the festivities!

Gudi Padwa

gudi padwa

Celebrated as the start of the New Year in Marathi culture, Gudi Padwa is observed in Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka. Its starts with a ceremonial oil bath and involves prayers, ritualistic offerings, and a unique prasad of neem and jaggery. The upside-down hoisting of a Kalash (known as gudi) covered in red, yellow, or saffron cloth outside a window, is an important highlight. Besides the rituals, processions featuring lezim folk performances are a must-see, and traditional dishes such as Puran Poli and Shrikhand are a must-try. As you go about experiencing this colorful festival, keep your camera ready and capture the beautiful doorways and front yards adorned with rangoli designs and flower decorations throughout Maharashtra.



Essentially a festival of masses, Shigmotsav marks the coming of the spring season in Goa. Dressed in flashy and colorful traditional costumes, the local folk groups give splendid dance performances. The float parade is the highlight of the festival. If you want to enjoy the true spirit of Goan culture, then join Goa during this festival.


Experience Goa beyond the beaches at the Shigmotsav annual festival. This Goan celebration of the coming of spring features processions with people dressed up in colorful outfits, folk songs and dances, locals smearing each other with colors, and vibrant decorations all over the city. The traditional Fugdi dance and Ghode Modni or horse dance are a must-see, and processions depicting various scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata are much looked forward to. Head to the interior areas for a more authentic experience of this colorful festival. Celebrated with much zeal, this two-week-long festival is considered to be Goa’s version of Holi.

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