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Pita Maheshwar Temple, Varanasi – Timings & Accommodations

Varanasi is located on the banks of the river Ganga and is considered one of the holiest places in India. One such temple located in Varanasi is  Pita Maheshwar Temple which is located at No. Ck. 7/92, Mohalla Sheetla Galli, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh. Pita Maheshwar Shivling is one of the hidden temples in Varanasi.

About Pita Maheshwar Temple

Pita Maheshwar Shivling is located 40 feet underground and it is considered to be very powerful thus visitors can take darshans by peeping through the hole made in the ground. They are located in the narrow streets and residents in Kashi.

History Of Pita Maheshwar Temple

The “shivling” in Pita Maheshwar Temple is believed to be a self-manifested form of Shivling. The mention of this Shivling can also be found in Skand Puran. Pita Maheshwar temple is one of such temples that is saved by our ancestors and it is said that he who worships Pita Maheshwar gives Mukti to his next 20 generations.

How to reach Pita Maheshwar Temple

Pita Maheshwar Temple is located at No. Ck. 7/92, Mohalla Sheetla Galli, Varanasi Uttar Pradesh.

Temple is reachable from the chowk and one can take an auto-rickshaw or cycle rickshaw to reach there.


Varanasi Airport is connected to major cities like Delhi and Mumbai.


Varanasi bus stand is also connected to the major cities of Uttar Pradesh and other nearby states. Air-conditioned buses run through the nearby cities of Varanasi.

Also by road, Varanasi is connected to Alipur, Allahabad, and Kanpur from where you can take a cab or taxi.


Varanasi is well connected with railways. Trains from Kanpur, Lucknow, New Delhi are easily available to reach Varanasi.

Distance from Varanasi:

  •  47 km to Mirzapur, India
  •  88 km to Mau, India
  •  116 km to Allahabad, India
  •  163 km to Gorakhpur, India
  •  170 km to Ara, India
  • 193 km to Rewa, India
  • 210 km to Gaya, India
  • 215 km to Patna, India
  • 233 km to Satna, India
  • 331km to Kanpur, India

Accommodation in Varanasi near Pita Maheshwar Temple

 There are several Dharamshalas in Varanasi near Pita Maheshwar temple for accommodation and are also near temples in Varanasi. They provide hygienic rooms with great facilities. Also, you can book a stay online with a few clicks on your phone from below.

Book your Stay in Varanasi

Pita Maheshwar Temple Timings

The temple opens up only on a few selective days such as Shivratri, Rang Bhari Ekadashi, and Mondays of monsoon season but one can see the Shivling from the hole throughout the year.

  • Pita Maheshwar Temple opens at 06:00 am
  • closes at 10:00 pm
  • Aarti is held in the morning
  • Rituals for forefather: one night preceding Navratri (in September – October)

Festivals in Pita Maheshwar Temple

The important festival celebrated in Pita Maheshwar Temple is Mahashivratri.

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