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Shravan Masam Festival in Shaivite Temples in Karimnagar, Telangana

Shravan Masam Festival in Shaivite Temples: Special “Rudrabhishekas and Maha Lingarchana” will be conducted on all Mondays of Shravan Month in the Shiva temples of Karimnagar, Telangana. On Friday, special pujas will be conducted in Devi Rajeshwari and Sri Mahalakshmi Temples.

Shravan Masam Festival in Shaivite Temples

Shaivite Temples are beautifully decorated for the month-long Shravan festival. The Shravan Month has already begun on Friday, July 29 which concludes on Pola Amavasya, August 28. On this special occasion, famous shiva temples like Vemulawada Kotilingala, Manthini Kaleswaram, Ellanthakunta Dharmapuri, Kondagattu, and other temples of the Karim district are decked up for the festival.

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Rudrabhishekas and MahaLingarchana

With the entry of Shravan Nakshatra favored by Lord Shiva, the month of Shravana begins. During this month, all the Shaiva Kshetras special pujas are conducted. 

As decided by the temple authorities, special “Rudrabhishekas and Maha Lingarchana” to Lord Shiva will be conducted in Vemulawada on all Mondays.

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Special Pujas at Mahalakshmi Temples

  • Maha Lingarchana, 
  • Gauri Vratam, 
  • Shravana Mangalagouri Vrat, 
  • Varalakshmi Vratam, 
  • Laksha Kumkumarchana &
  • Lakshmi Saharanamarchana 

There is a festive atmosphere with pujas and rituals in the month of Shravana. It is believed that going to temples during this month would bring good fortune, all sins are forgiven, and performing Linga Abhishekam and Gauri Vrat, blesses devotees with wealth. So are you visiting these temples in Shravana? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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