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Tirumala November 2022 Calendar- Accommodation, Dates & Booking

 Tirumala November  Calendar 2022  is finally mentioned below. In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh Tirumala is called the spiritual town which is located in the Tirupati district. It is one of the suburbs of the Tirupati urban agglomeration. This town is the part of Tirupati Urban Development Authority, it is a hill town where Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is located, which is the abode of Venkateswara. Also, the town is strictly Vegetarian. 

Why is this famous?

It is called one of the most revered shrines in India. Located at the earthly point where Lord Vishnu resided in the age of kali, this shrine is of immense importance to India, religion, and heritage in both terms. 

Tirumala November  2022 Calendar

Look at the below list and know detailed information about the events that are happening every day in November at the spiritual and famous temples. 

November 1: Sravanam, Tirumala Sri TT Pushpa Yagam
November 3: Narayanavanam Sri KVS Float Begins, Yajnavalkya Jayanthi
November 4: Ekadasi, Chaturmasyam Ends
November 5: Kaisika Dwadasi, Ksheerabdhi Dwadasi
November 7: Narayanavanam Sri KVS Float Ends, Karteeka Jwala Thoranam
November 8: Sri KT Annabhishekam, Rudrapadalu Mukkoti, Purnima, Chandra Grahanam
November 9: Krittika
November 10: Rohini
November 12: Tirupati Sri KT Laksha Bilvarchana
November 14: Punarvasu, Children’s Day
November 19: Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Laksha Kumkumarchana
November 20: Ekadasi, Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Brahmotsavam Begins
November 21: Tirupati Sri KT Sornavarabhishekam, Dhanvantari Jayanthi
November 22: Masasivaratri
November 23: Amavasya
November 24: Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Gaja Vahanam
November 25: Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Garuda Seva
November 27: Sukramoudyam Ends, Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Rathotsavam
November 28: Panchami Teertham, Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Brahmotsavam Ends
November 29: Sravanam, Subrahmanya Sashti, Tiruchanoor Sri PAT Pushpayagam


Tirumala October 2022 Accommodation Booking

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