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Top 7 Temples in Gujarat | Timings, Accommodation, How to reach

“Gujarat – The Land of Temples”

Gujarat has always been famous for its Historical site, Heritage, Temples, as well as its culture. The temples of Gujarat are always a prime destination for tourists while visiting Gujarat.

The rich architecture makes the temples of Gujarat a must-visit place for tourists. However, some temples are also included in the world heritage site for their historical importance and different architecture.

Read this Blog to know about important facts about famous temples in Gujarat.

Somnath Temple

Somnath temple Photos
Famous Temple Gujarat Somnath

Somnath temple is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of India. Located near Sea Shore in the District Gir-Somnath of Gujarat. One of the most important and famous temples in Gujarat and India. Lord Shiva is worshipped with great importance, so it has become the main tourist spot in Gujarat.

With a great religious and spiritual atmosphere, it is the best temple for tourists to visit.

Somnath temple timings

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DurationOpening and Closing timeAarti timings
Morning6:00 AM (Opening)7:00 AM
Evening9:30 PM (Closing)7:00 PM

Light and Sound show timing 7:45 PM.

Accommodation in Somnath

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For booking the Accommodation in Somnath you can visit the site Here you can book Dharamshala, Guesthouse, Ashram, and many other places to stay near Somnath temple. Booking From this site is very easy, fast, and affordability.

How to Reach Somnath Temple

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Somnath is well connected with not an only road but also railway. One can easily get trains and buses to Somnath from any part of Gujarat. Bus Station is within walking distance from the temple. The nearest railway station to Somnath is the Veraval railway station at a Distance of 7 km. The nearest airport is at Keshod, 55 km from Somnath temple.

Dwarkadhish temple

Dwarka Temple Images
Famous Temple Gujarat Dwarka

Dwarka is the land of Lord Krishna. Dwarkashish temple is also known as “Jagat Mandir”. Dwarika is located right next to the Sea in the district Devbhumi Dwarka of Gujarat.

Lord Krishna used to rule the town Dwarka. Dwarka Temple has the best architecture of its time. 5 storied building was built with limestone and sand. The Black Idol of Krishna in the temple is so appealing that you can feel the presence of Lord Krishna.

Temple is near the Gomti River with not only a religious but also a spiritual atmosphere. This is one of the most famous temples in Gujarat.

Dwarkadhish Temple Timing

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DurationDarshan timings
Morning6:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening5:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Accommodation Near Dwarkadhish Temple

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One can easily get accommodation facilities very near to the Dwarkadhish temple. For Booking the Dharamshala, Hotel, Ashram, Guesthouse, and many places to stay near the temple visit the site Booking from this site in Dwarka is very easy, fast, and affordability.

How to Reach Dwarkadhish Temple

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Being a very famous tourist place it is very easily accessible. Dwarka is well connected by road and rail. Private Buses, State Buses, and trains are easily available from all most all parts of Gujarat. The bus station is within walking distance of the temple. The nearest railway station to Dwarkadhish temple is Dwarka railway station which is 3 km from the temple. Jamnagar is the nearest airport to Dwarkadhish temple which is 45 km.

Mata No Madh (Goddess Aashapura Temple)

Mata no Madh kutch
Famous Temple Gujarat Mata No Madh

A temple dedicated to goddess Ashapura has located 137 km from the Bhuj. Temple is located in the District Kutch of Gujarat.

Mata no Madh is one of the best examples of the traditional architecture and culture of Gujarat. This temple is dedicated to Kuldevi of Jadeja. Temple is very maintained with the religious and spiritual atmosphere of the temple.

Festivals like Navratri and Diwali are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm at the temple. Visiting this place makes your heart and mind very pure.

Mata No Madh Timings

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Mata No Madh Timing5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Accommodation Near Mata no Madh

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Devotees can easily find accommodation near Mata No Madh. For booking the accommodation near Mata no Madh visit the site

How to Reach Mata No Madh

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Temple can easily be accessible from the Bhuj. The nearest airport to Mata no Madh is at Naliya which is 58.2 km from the temple. New Bhuj railway station is the nearest railway station to the temple which is 137 km from the temple. Devotees first reach Bhuj as it is easily by road, train, and plane from anywhere. So after reaching the Bhuj one can easily Private taxis and State buses to reach Mata No Madh.

Ambaji Temple

Ambaji Temple Images
Famous Temple Gujarat Ambaji

A very important temple of Gujarat, Ambaji temple is located on the Arasur hill in Banaskantha District of Gujarat. The temple is one of 51 Shaktipeeth of India. Millions of devotees visit the temple every year. The goddess is also referred to as Arasur Amba.

Temple was built by the Nagar Brahmins. There is only one entrance in the front and as only one small gate. The temple is surrounded by an open square which is also known as Chachar Chowk where havans (Ceremonial Sacrifices) are performed.

During the Navratri Days and another special occasion, the atmosphere of the temple is very religious, with millions of devotees visiting the temple.

Ambaji Temple Timing

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Duration Darshan Timings Aarti Timing
Morning 7:30 AM to 10:45 AM 7:00 AM
Afternoon1:00 AM to 4:30 AM 12:30 PM
Evening7:00 PM to 9:30 PM7:30 PM

Accommodation Near Ambaji Temple

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Many accommodation facilities are available near the Ambaji temple. Dharamshala, Hotels, Guesthouse,  Ashram, and many more accommodation options are available. For booking these options easily visit the site Booking accommodation from this site is very easy and fast. Different types of accommodation options are available at affordability on this site.

How to Reach Ambaji Temple

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Well, the connection with the road makes it easily accessible to Amabji. State buses are frequently running from many districts of Gujarat. The nearest railway station to Ambaji is Abu railway station which is 20 km from the temple. And nearest Aiport is at Ahmedabad which is 186 km from the temple.  From both Abu Road and Ahmedabad to transportation facilities are easily available.

Pavagadh Temple

Pavagadh rope way
Famous Temple Gujarat Pavagadh

Pavagadh temple is dedicated to Goddess Maha Kali. Temple is located on the top of the Hill of Pavagadh. Mahakali temple Pavagadh is one of the Shakti Peethas of India. A large number of devotees visit the temple every day.

Temple is located uphill 762 meters above sea level on the Mountain. There are around 2000 steps to climb for reaching the temple. Ropeway facilities are also those who do not want to climb the steps.

During Navratris the temple as a very different atmosphere and it is also celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.

Pavagadh Temple Timings

View Timings
Duration Darshan Timings Aarti Timings
Morning5:00 AM (opening) 5:00 AM
Evening7:00 PM (Closing) 6:30 PM

Accommodation Near Pavagadh Temple

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There are many accommodations facilities present near the Pavagadh temple. For Booking the accommodation in Pavagadh visit the site Here you can find all the types of accommodation near the temple.

How to Reach Pavagadh Temple

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The nearest railway station to Pavagadh is at Champaner which is 1 km from the Pavagadh. Pavagadh bus station is 6 km from Pavagadh Hill. And Vadodara is the nearest Airport to Pavagadh which is 42 km from the Pavagadh. From Vadodara, many transportation facilities are available from the Vadodara to Pavagadh so one can easily reach the temple.

Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar

akshardham laser show
Famous Temple Gujarat Akshardham Gandhinagar

Akshardham temple is one of the largest temples in India, an important tourist spot to visit, and a famous temple in Gujarat. The temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and was built by the BAPS. Temple is located in Gandhinagar, the capital of India.

The Architecture and culture of the temple attract tourists from all over India. Also, there is a large garden on the premises of the temple where Guests can enjoy nature and can rest in a pure atmosphere.

On top, you can enjoy the Sat-Chit-Anand Water show, which is a 45-minute heartbreaking presentation. Sat-Chit-Anand show includes 80 ft. wide and 60 ft. high water screen, multi-color laser video, and light projections, fireballs and underwater flames, water jets, and surround sound symphony.

This is a must-visit temple if you are coming to Gujarat.

Akshardham Temple Timings

View Timings

Akshardham Darshan Timings

  • First Entry: 9:30 AM and Last Entry: 7:30 PM
  • Note: Temple remains closed every Monday.

Akshardham Temple Aarti Timings

  • Aarti timings: 10 AM to 6:30 PM

Akshardham Temple Exhibition Timings

  • Exhibition Window Time: 10 AM to 7:00 PM
Sat-Chit-Anand Water Show Timings
  • Show Timing: After Sunset (Currently 7:15 PM from Tuesday to Sunday)

Accommodation Near Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar

View Accommodation in Detail

There are many accommodations available in Gandhinagar. website provides many different options in Gandhinagar near the temple at affordability. Also, booking from this site is very easy and fast.

How to Reach Akshardham Temple

View How to reach

Ahmedabad railway station is just 32 km from the temple and Ahmedabad Airport is just 21 km from the temple. Ahmedabad is connected to all the major cities of India. Tourists can reach Ahmedabad and from there one can take private taxis or buses to reach the temple. State Buses are also available from Ahmedabad and many other cities to reach Gandhinagar.

Sun Temple Modhera

Modhera surya mandir
Famous Temple Gujarat Sun Temple Modhera

Sun temple is the temple dedicated to Lord Sun, which is located in the village Modhera of district Mehsana in Gujarat. Temple is on the bank of the river Pushpavati. The temple is built in Chaulukya style.

The architecture and crafting of the walls and pillars of the temple are still surprising. There is Kund, a tank or reservoir as Ramakunda or Suryakund.  There are many steps curved to reach from the terrace of one kund to another.

Gujarat Tourism organizes an annual three days dance festival known as Uttarardha Mahotsav, which is organized every 3rd week of January. The architecture and crafting of the temple bring many tourists every year here.

Sun Temple Modhera Timings

View Timings

Temple Timing: 8 AM to 6 PM.

Accommodation Near Modhera Sun Temple

View Accommodation Detail

There are not many accommodation options in Mehsana near the temple. But one can have accommodation in Ahmedabad which is very suitable for traveling to Sun temple and many other tourist places in Gujarat.

How to Reach Sun Temple Modhera

View How to reach

There are many ways to reach Mehsana. But an easy and suitable way to reach Mehsana is from Ahmedabad. Guests can hire private taxis as well as State Buses to reach Sun temple which is frequently available from Ahmedabad. The nearest Railway station to Modhera is at Becharaji which is 16 km from the temple. The nearest airport to Modhera is 102 km at Ahmedabad.

I hope you have liked this article on Famous temples in Gujarat. This information will be useful to you while visiting Gujarat. For more information about the different tourist places in India, visit our latest Blogs at our official site.

Thank You!

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